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Laser eye surgery & Their Types

Laser eye surgery is a widely implemented procedure in today’s time. People all around the world use laser eye procedure to get the perfect vision, and more importantly to get rid of contact lenses and prescription spectacles. And why wouldn’t they? Glasses and contact lenses are too much to handle. But what most people do not know is that there are different types of laser eye surgeries. That’s right. LASIK is not the only type of laser eye operation. All the procedure have their own pros and cons and are chosen by surgeons based on the patient’s eligibility. The eligibility of a potential laser eye surgery patient is determined by the doctors through a series of various tests that are inte

Advantage and Disadvantage of Laser Eye Treatment

The first laser eye surgery dates back to approximately 30 years. However, it is still considered to be a relatively new method of operating eye related disorders. Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of laser eye surgery makes it easier for a patient to decide if it the procedure is going to suit him. Undergoing a laser eye surgery can be quite a daunting decision for many prospective patients. It may mainly be due to the apprehension in regards to the safety of their eyes, and lack of knowledge regarding the pros and cons of the surgery. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages related to laser eye surgery? It is always good to consult an ophthalmologist to learn about the

Understanding Laser Eye Surgery and Finding the Best Surgeons

Laser eye surgery is a medical procedure that involves sculpting of the cornea with a laser to treat eye-related disorders like Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism. The first ever laser eye surgery procedure dates back to approximately 30 years. Although the concept of laser eye surgery has existed for quite a while now, it was not until very recently that it gained its fair share of recognition. In essence, laser treatments for eyes help in the correction of refractive eye disorders that may occur due to imperfections in the shape of the cornea or eyeball. Cornea is recognized to be the front and transparent layer of the eye. Refractive errors are responsible for the imprecise focus of

Best Hospital in Delhi for Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Diabetic retinopathy or diabetic eye disease consists of a group of eye disorders that are caused by diabetes, especially in those with uncontrolled blood sugars. What is Diabetic Retinopathy? Longstanding high blood sugars can damage the tiny blood vessels or capillaries in the retina which is the light sensitive portion at the back of the eye. These blood vessels in become fragile and can bleed or leak of protein and fluid into the retina, leading to decrease and even loss of vision. Over time, new abnormal blood vessels can also grow on the surface of the retina, which are prone to bleeding and scarring, and can cause loss of vision. This is diabetic retinopathy. When diabetes affects the

Cause of Diabetes, Glaucoma and Computer Vision Syndrome-Eye Diseases by Lifestyle Health Hazards of

More than half of the patients that seek attention from an eye doctor are actually doing so because of lifestyles that involve increasing dependence on screens. Add to this the patients of glaucoma and diabetic eye disease, and you will realize that almost two thirds of the diseases affecting the eyes can actually be prevented and modified by a healthier lifestyle. In fact, diabetes, glaucoma and Computer Vision Syndrome are all eye diseases caused by lifestyle health hazards of today. Eye diseases and Diabetes High levels of blood sugar can damage the blood vessels in the retina, which is the light sensitive portion of the eye, and can actually lead to decrease in vision and even permanent

Best Eye Hospital in Delhi for Cataract, Cornea, Retina, Laser Specs Removal, Oculoplasty, Paediatri

Any problems with vision, or any eye disease invariably results in anxiety since eyes are so important, and it is natural to want to choose the best eye doctor, and the best hospital for eye care. India is recognised as a centre of excellence in ophthalmology, and with skilled and experienced doctors, access to the latest technology and low costs of eye care, Delhi is the preferred choice for patients from all over the world. Millions of patients have trusted the eye doctors in Delhi with their vision related issues, and have travelled from all over the world believing that the best eye care is available in Delhi, at a fraction of its cost in abroad. In fact, you must get a comprehensive ann

Macular Degeneration Eye Problem Treatment in Delhi

Loss of vision in the elderly is often attributed to cataract, or after cataract surgery, to the inevitable process of aging. However, one of the most important reasons for decrease in vision, especially that is painless and progressive, is Age Related Macular degeneration or AMD. AMD can easily be detected by your ophthalmologist during a comprehensive eye evaluation. What is Age Related Macular Degeneration? The macula is the most light-sensitive, central part of yourretina, which helps in precise and sharp vision. With aging, there are certain lipid like deposits in the macular vision, called drusens which distort the macula. In addition, the retinal layers also begin to thin and atrophy.

How Your Vision Deteriorate as We Age?

As we grow older, all of us experience a lot of changes in our body. Most of us also release that we don’t see as well as well could and wonder what it is that happens to vision as we age. This article aims to explain the changes that start in your 40s and continue over time. Changes in near vision: The most important change that happens to vision as we age is the problem with near vision. Most of us experience difficulty in seeing clearly at close distances, especially when reading and working on the computer. This usually develops in the early 40s and continues to progress, this change is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the result of decrease in flexibility of the lens in your eye, making

Best Hospital for Bladeless Femto Laser Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Once you have decided to go ahead with cataract surgery and have decided to choose the best cataract surgery technique available, it is natural to look for the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospital in Delhi. What are the criteria for choosing the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospital in Delhi? Surgeon experience: You must choose a hospital with well trained, experienced surgeons who are backed by a cohesive team of OT technicians and nursing staff. Remember when you choose a government hospital, or a charitable institution, you may not be able to decide which surgeon operates on your eye. While all doctors under training are supervised in all the reputed institu

Intraocular Lenses Which Are Implemented After Cataract Surgery

An intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted in the eye after cataract surgery, during which the natural crystalline lens (an opaque natural lens is called cataract) is removed so as to provide optimal vision. These artificial lenses are safe, and have been in use for decades, and now, there are several kinds of lenses to choose from, including premium IOLs. What are the different types of intraocular lens implanted after cataract surgery? The two most common types of intraocular lens implanted after cataract surgery are: Posterior chamber lenses, PCIOL: PCIOLs are placed in the natural position of the crystalline lens, over the residual posterior capsule and are the most commonly used lenses. Ant

How Cataract Surgery Operating In India

The best cataract surgery procedures in India are no different from those in the rest of the world. Indian surgeons and doctors, as well as Indian hospitals, can compete with, and often prove to better, than most state of the art eye care facilities, anywhere in the world. In addition, India offers the same facilities at a fraction of the cost abroad, and has consequently, become a hub for medical tourism with people from all over the world coming here for surgeries. Which is the best cataract surgery procedure in India, and indeed, in the rest of the world? Cataract is caused by the clouding of the natural lens of your eye with ageing. This results in a gradual and painless decrease in visi

Ideas for Protecting Your Child From Delhi’s Toxic Air

With reports of deteriorating air quality in Delhi, most of us are concerned about its deleterious effect on our body. The eyes are especially vulnerable to the hazardous effects of pollutants resulting in eye problems like dryness, burning, itchy and watering and eye allergies. These are most commonly seen among school going children, since they spend a lot of time outdoors.You must, therefore, be careful to protect your own, and your child's eyes, from Delhi's toxic air. What are the harmful effects of Delhi’s toxic air on your child’s eyes? Harmful pollutants including noxious gases, fumes, and suspended particulate matter can damage the delicate outer surface of the eyes, since it remain

Pupil Treatment & Surgery in Delhi

The dark, black circle in the center of your eye is your pupil. It changes its size according to ambient light, and regulates the amount of light entering the eye. In this, the pupil functions like the aperture of a camera, when you are in dim light, it gets bigger, or dilates, and in bright light it constricts, or becomes smaller. Mentioned below are some disorders of pupil function, and their causes. This article will also discuss the best options for pupil treatment and pupil surgery in Delhi. What are the common disorders of the pupils? Disorders of pupil size are relatively more common, than disorders of pupil function. In fact, disorders like Holmes/ Adie’s pupil and Horner’s Syndrome

Patient Education-Contoura Vision India

Patient education is the process by which doctors and other healthcare workers impart information to patients and their caregivers about health, diseases and their prevention and management. This also includes transfer of information about his or her health status and needs. Patient education aims to involve the patient and his or her family actively in healthcare related decisions, and also, promote a healthier lifestyle. This includes both general preventive education or health promotion and disease or condition specific education. Tools for patient education include: Doctor-patient dialogue and question-answer session Special counselling sessions with counselors Information brochures, lea


Clouding of the natural lens of the eye is called cataract, and is part of the ageing process. In fact, most people in their sixties have some amount of cataract, which may or may not be causing any symptoms. Most cataracts progress gradually and painlessly, and eventually interfere with vision. This article will discuss the common symptoms and signs of cataract. In case you think you have cataract, the best thing to do is to schedule a comprehensive eye check with your ophthalmologist. Symptoms and signs of cataracts include: Cloudy, blurred or decrease in vision which is painless and progressive Increasing difficulty with vision at night and under low ambient light Sensitivity to light, ph

Signs that you need an eye exam -Contoura Vision India

Regular eye tests are important because they help identify and track changes in your eye health as well as vision. Especially since several potentially blinding eye diseases like glaucoma and age related macular degeneration have no symptoms in the early stages, regular eye exams are very important for early diagnosis and treatment. In addition to the annual comprehensive eye test with your eye doctor, here are some signs that you need an eye exam. Decrease in vision: Any decrease in vision for near or distance is a clear sign that you need an eye exam. This can manifest as problems in reading, threading a needle (for near vision) and difficulty in reading road signs, off the blackboard, or

Smoking Can Affect Your Eye Condition's

Smoking is deleterious for health, and indeed, smoking kills. It affects every single organ of your body, and it is known fact that smoking increases risks for eye diseases as well. While most of us are well aware of how cigarette smoking can cause potentially fatal diseases such as heart disease and cancer, its impact on vision and eye health is less well-known. Smoking increases the risk for which eye diseases? Smoking affects your vision and has been associated with several sight threatening eye diseases. The duration and the number of cigarettes a day, all impact the risk for eye diseases, just as is true for other smoking g related diseases. Smoking is known to increase the risk of the

What is Best the Treatment For Cataract?

Cataracts are the most common cause of reduced vision in the elderly, and can be easily treated. In case you are diagnosed with cataract, you must discuss the treatment options available to you, with your eye doctor. While the only definite treatment of cataracts surgery, not all patients who are diagnosed with cataract need surgery immediately. What is a cataract? A cataract is defined as the clouding of the natural lens of the eye. The lens which is transparent is important for focusing light on the light sensitive retina, and when the lens becomes opaque, your vision begins to decrease. This is called cataract. Cataracts usually are common in older people, but can affect any age group, in

Eye Conditions That Require Treatment from Doctors

In today’s fast paced life, we often ignore our health, despite knowing that health is indeed wealth. We often wait for symptoms that can no longer be ignored, before consulting with our doctor. In fact, even though most of us say that the eyes are most precious sense organ, we do not see or eye doctor unless absolutely unavoidable. We must remember that most of the common eye conditions that require treatment from doctors are often without symptoms in the early stages, and so a routine annual eye check is an absolute must for ensuring eye health. Common eye related symptoms that require treatment from doctors We must consult an eye doctor once a year for ensuring perfect vision and eye heal

What is relation Between Diabetes and Glaucoma

Diabetes is a complex, metabolic disease that affects our entire body, and the eyes are no exception. The increase in blood sugar due to diabetes results in damage to small blood vessels all over the body, and diabetes is said to have other effects too, through the mechanism of insulin resistance. What is the connection between Diabetes and Eye Diseases? Diabetes, especially when uncontrolled can damage the small blood vessels in the eye, which become fragile and may bleed, or leak protein into the retina. This is called diabetic eye disease, and consists of three distinct clinical pictures. These include: Diabetic retinopathy, including proliferative and non-proliferative Diabetic macular e

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