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Contoura Vision vs Lasik Vs Smile - US FDA Results and Clinical trials outcomes

In this article we will focus on the highlights go these three technologies Clinical trials have clearly shown superiority on Contoura over Smile and Lasik procedures The most accepted clinical trial where Contoura Vision was compared with Smile consisted One eye operated on Smile platform and other eye operated on Contoura Platform of the same individual The results clearly showed that Contoura operated eyes had better visual outcomes in relation to Visual sharpness,Visual Contrast, Decreased Halos and Glares,Better Night Time Driving,Superior Vision and Faster Recovery Such outcomes were possible due to additional treatments done in Contoura which are unavailable in any other SMILE or LASI

Amblyopia or Lazy eye - Features, Diagnosis & Treatment

Amblyopia or Lazy eye - Features, Diagnosis & Treatment Lazy eye, termed amblyopia by your eye doctor, is an eye condition that results due to an error of development of vision in infancy or childhood, without any structural disease in the eye. The nerve pathways between the brain and the eye, called visual pathways, do not mature properly, when the vision stimulus from one eye is hazy as compared to the other. Over time, the brain “learns” to ignore this image, and begins to favor one eye which has the clear image. This decrease in vision is not correctable by glasses or contact lenses, or even refractive surgery. Types of amblyopia or lazy eye are: Stimulus deprivation amblyopia results wh

Dry Eyes due to Pollution - Burning, Itchy, Red Eyes

Burning, Itchy, Red Eyes? Have Your Eyes Examined As These Could Be Signs Of Dry Eye Syndrome Caused Due To Toxic Air Pollutants Most of India, and Delhi in particular, are experiencing a serious problem of air pollution. With increasing industrialisation, vehicles and burning of crop stubble, our cities and villages are struggling to breathe. One impact of air pollution that we often ignore is that on the eyes. Remember that your eyes are very delicate, and remain vulnerable as they are exposed to the environmental conditions. Also remember that even though the immediate effects of exposure to airborne toxins are immediately visible, we should worry more about the long term effects of the s

Contoura Vision Vs Smile Vs Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Contoura Vision Vs Lasik Vs Smile- What US FDA Clinical Trials Tell Us Clinical trials are mandatory before any technology or treatment modality can be offered to the doctors and patients alike. The US FDA mandates these, and makes sure they are monitored and analyzed in great detail before granting approval to any technology. All three techniques of refractive surgery, Contoura vision, LASIK and SMILE have US FDA approval, so you can be rest assured that all three have been proven to be safe and effective for refractive correction, clinically, and over time. In addition, clinician scientists and doctors continue to analyze and publish their clinical results in peer reviewed journals for an

Eye Care Health Tips for Better Vision

8 Eye Care Health Tips for Better Vision It is important to take care for your eyes, to ensure a good quality of life, and the guidelines for doing so are really quite simple, and well known. You will probably be aware of most of these tenets, and this article only aims to collate all of these guidelines at one point. Healthy eyes live in a healthy body, and the following are the tips for preserving your 6/ 6 or 20/20 vision. A well balanced diet. It goes without saying that a healthy balanced diet is the key to eye health. A diet rich in like Certain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zeathanthin, zinc, and vitamins C and E helps prevent degenerative eye diseases like Age Related

What causes Diabetic Retinopathy

What Causes Diabetic Retinopathy Diabetic retinopathy is the most common form of diabetic eye disease, in which the light sensitive portion at the back of the eye, called the retina, gets affected. What is diabetic retinopathy? The increase in blood glucose levels due to diabetes causes changes in retinal blood vessels. These blood vessels, especially the smaller ones called capillaries, become fragile and can bleed, or leak fluid into the retina. These can cause haemorrhages and swelling in the retina and macula. In more severe cases, abnormal blood vessels begin to grow on the surface of the retina. These blood vessels and bleed, and also cause traction on the retina, causing serious loss

Contoura Vision, Smile, Lasik, Cataract, Glaucoma & Retina Services in Delhi - Best in Class

Small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) is a newer refractive surgery for laser vision correction that was introduced in 2011. In this, unlike all the variants of LASIK, the part of the corneal stroma, called the lenticule (some tissue from the substance of the cornea) is removed via a very small incision. Since the surgery does not entail making a corneal flap, there is a marked decrease in the complications of corneal flap and dry eye. SMILE is available in only a few institutes in Delhi, even though LASIK, Glaucoma, Cataract and Glaucoma services are available in several eye hospitals and clinics. This recommendation of course comes with a caveat, to determine the best eye hospital in

Best LASIK laser and Options in Laser Eye Surgery

Being dependent on glasses can be increasingly annoying sometimes. Not only is a cosmetic concern, but there are actual functional drawbacks to using glasses. If you wear glasses, you will most certainly agree with almost all of these. These drawbacks include: Glasses may get damaged or broken, fall off, or obscure peripheral vision. Sweating makes the glasses slippery, and they tend to fall off your nose. This can be a serious hindrance during playing sports. You need special prescription goggles for when out in the sun, and special prescription swimming goggles, if you want to see underwater when swimming. The glasses tend to become lopsided and often do not stay in position when you turn

Contoura Vision vs Smile Laser Eye Surgery

Contoura Vision versus SMILE Laser Eye Surgery - US FDA Results Contoura Vision versus SMILE Small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) was introduced in 2011 and has been acclaimed as the new option for patients seeking better vision without glasses. In this, the corneal flap is replaced by removing the corneal stroma lenticule (some tissue from the substance of the cornea) from a very small incision to reduce the complications of corneal flap and dry eye. Recent studies have indicated that there is less more corneal nerves are preserved when treated with SMILE compared with LASIK, which can reduce the incidence of dry eye. However, it is critical to remember that there is no wavefront-gui

How to treat Cylinder Number (Astigmatism) in Eyes

How To Treat Astigmatism or Cylinder Number in your Eyes What is Astigmatism? Astigmatism, is an error of refraction or focusing of light, like near sightedness and far sightedness. It is not an eye disease per se, even though it does sound scary. The front of the eye has the transparent curved surface called the cornea, which accounts for how the eye focuses light, along with the natural lens of the eye. In myopia, this curve is exaggerated, focusing light in front of the light sensitive retina, while in hypermetropia it is flattened, thereby focusing light behind the retina. Consequently, one needs to use a system of lenses, either convex or concave (plus or minus), to ensure proper focusi

Contoura Vision Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi

Contoura Vision Laser Eye Surgery In Delhi Contoura Vision Topography-Guided Laser eye surgery is a type of laser vision correction that maps the unique topography of the cornea of each patient at over 20000 data points, and evaluates each one of them independently for vision correction, this results in a more precise and sharp wavefront ablation, resulting in better postoperative results in terms of visual acuity, as well as quality of vision. In other words , Contoura Vision laser eye surgery gives you better results than Lasik Laser eye surgery and Smile Laser eye surgery. Even though Contoura Vision Laser eye Surgery has only received US FDA approval for a commercial launch in early 2016

Change in spectacles power in patients suffering from Diabetes

The human eye works like a camera and creates the image of an object by an inbuilt focusing mechanism, which focuses the light on the retina in the eye. The 2 parts of the eye which help in this focusing mechanism are the cornea and the lens. Any person in whom the image is not focused on the retina, needs spectacle correction to achieve a perfect retinal image. So, the human lens, cornea and spectacles work together to achieve clear vision. Any changes in the normal structure of the human lens or cornea will need to be compensated by the spectacle correction. In diabetes, the blood sugar levels and hence the sugar levels inside the eye may fluctuate for variable periods of time. Excess suga

What are the dangers of having holes and lattice in retina before Lasik?

Holes and lattices in the retina signify areas of weakness in the retinal layer. Most people with these lesions may remain asymptomatic. However, when the vitreous jelly which fills the eyeball liquefies over these lesions, it may result in some traction on the retina. This manifests as seeing black floaters or flashes of light by the patient. The traction on the retina may open up the retinal holes or create tears resulting is seepage of fluid underneath the retinal layer detaching it from its original position, what we call retinal detachment. Once the retina detaches, the patient may appreciate a falling curtain like sensation or may not be able to see in a specific area of the visual fie

Can undergo Lasik before retinal barrage laser?

Although prior retinal barrage laser treatment is not an absolute contraindication for Lasik surgery, we do not advise our patients to undergo Lasik surgery before retinal laser treatment. We always prefer to follow the protocol of retinal laser treatment followed by Lasik surgery. Various factors during the Lasik procedure may disturb the contents inside the eye and hence transmit unavoidable forces to the retinal tissue. Suction force is used to stabilize the eye during Lasik procedure, which may cause some pull on the retina as well. Hence, if the the retinal lesions have been treated in advance, the risk of retinal complications after Lasik surgery are significantly minimized

What happens in retinal barrage laser before Lasik eye surgery?

For retinal laser treatment, we will dilate your eyes with mydriatic drops. It is an out patient procedure done in sitting position using a slit lamp microscope and green laser light. Topical anesthetic drops will be used to anesthetize your eye. The patient positions his/her head on the slit lamp microscope and a hand held contact lens is placed on the cornea using a lubricating jelly to focus the laser light on the retina. Laser burns are applied around the lattices/holes to demarcate the lesions form the rest of the retina. The procedure is usually painless; however some patients may appreciate some discomfort/pain after the laser procedure, which responds well to non-steroidal analgesic

What happens if I'm diagnosed with holes/lattices in my retina and I want to go for Lasik surger

Even though peripheral retinal degeneration, such as lattices and holes signify areas of weakness, they usually do not have any effect on a person’s vision. In most cases, they may remain undetected until specifically screened for. However, in some people the appearance of floaters and flashes of light may signify risk of peripheral retinal degeneration and hence, warrant a complete retinal examination. If during your retinal examination, your doctor finds any lattices or holes in your retina, it does not mean you can not undergo Lasik surgery. All lattices or holes in the retina need to be treated using retinal laser photocoagulation prior to your Lasik appointment. The aim of the retinal l

Why do I require a retina examination before Lasik?

Lasik is a procedure to change the refractive status of the eye using laser energy and help one achieve perfect vision without the need for spectacles. Constant use of spectacles may not be desirable for a person for a number reasons – independence from glasses, cosmetic appearance, heavy spectacles in people with high myopic/hypermetropic refractive error, restricted field of vision due to the spectacle frame. The retina is a layer of nervous tissue which lines the eyeball on the inside and is responsible for the final vision of the eye. Hence, a healthy retina is crucial for a perfect vision. However, it is not uncommon for the retina to have some inherent areas of weakness, such as lattic

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