Lasik Surgery Specialists in Delhi

Over the past 25 years, Lasik eye surgery has been the reliable solution for vision correction. Over the past few years, it has evolved while delivering safer and accurate visual outcomes. This laser refractive surgery enables the patient to get rid of contact lenses and glasses permanently. From reshaping the cornea to improving the vision, the idea of Lasik surgery is to improve vision with precision. With the help of advanced laser, the refractive errors are corrected by the Lasik surgery specialists, the dome shaped clear tissue or cornea is reshaped for eliminating problems related to vision. As a part of Lasik, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism issues are addressed depending on the requirements of the patient.  


What to Look for in Lasik Surgeons?

There are several prerequisites to finalize the services of Lasik specialists whether it is in the context of their expertise, technology used for the vision correction or advanced methodology of laser eye surgery. Here are some of the important measures to be considered when it comes to the best Lasik surgery specialists in Delhi:  

The advanced technology used by the surgeons for Lasik  

Technology has attained diversification in medical science. This is certainly applicable in the case of optical treatment too. Hence, while looking for the best ophthalmologist, the technology used at the clinic for the execution of Lasik should be checked. For instance, the effectiveness of the laser used, compatibility of technological advancements of vision correction with thin cornea and safety maintained these approaches must be checked before finalizing the eye surgeon with a vast experience in Lasik. 

Options of Lasik according to the vision improvement requirements 

It is mandatory to have additional options in eye surgery clinic when crucial segments of Lasik are being maintained. This further implicates the need of options of laser eye surgery while searching for the team of top Lasik surgery specialists. From the standard LASIK, SBK (thin flap) Lasik, and blade-free femto Lasik to customized or C-Lasik are some of the provisions that will be offered by the reputable eye clinic. The idea is to keep in mind, the unique vision correction requirements of the patient, therefore, checking out the available options turns out to be a wise option to get the sure-shot solution for refractive problems. 

Evaluating the specialization of ophthalmologist and dedicated eye surgeons of the clinic 

No matter how many advertisements, hoardings or appreciations and referrals, you might have come across about the specialists of Lasik, the assessment of their specialization cannot be overlooked.  In fact, the credentials and experience of the surgeons should be verified to understand their expertise level along with efficient methodology of laser eye surgery.  

Reputation and years of experience in offering Lasik treatment to patients 

The consistency, improved rates of success in a constant manner and positive reviews along with the reputation of the Lasik surgery specialists will help you in realizing the worth of services offered by them to get rid of numbered glasses or contact lenses permanently. 

Refractive Errors Treated by Lasik Surgery Specialists in Delhi  

Among the different types of refractive issues to offer an improved vision to the patient, the Lasik specialists focus on the following conditions:   

1. Astigmatism or distorted vision  

In this condition, the person feels discomfort as the eye cannot focus light on a specific axis on the retina. The oval shape of the cornea in astigmatism makes the light bend in a different manner. The Lasik specialists treat this refractive error by reshaping the cornea further offering permanent corrective treatment. The problem of blurred vision or astigmatism can be treated with Lasik if the person’s cylindrical number is less than 4. Such an individual turns out to be a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery. 

2. Myopia or nearsightedness  

Myopia, often known as nearsightedness implicates the refractive issue, wherein, the object lying close to the person cannot be viewed clearly. In this condition, eye strain and headache are common problems due to the blurred vision caused further leading to impaired vision if it does not get addressed by the best Lasik surgery specialists. It should also be noted that continuous or prolonged exposure to the Sun may also cause myopic eyes. Lasik restructures the cornea to correct myopia and the patient does not require to wear glasses after this vision correction through laser eye surgery. Nevertheless, while driving at night, the numbered glasses are recommended to be used as a safety precaution. 

3. Hyperopia or farsightedness 

This condition is in wide contrast with myopia, wherein, the person cannot focus clearly on the objects which are far away. If the eyeballs of the individual are too short or an abnormality in the lens or cornea has been witnessed, then, this refractive error gets diagnosed by the Lasik specialists. In order to classify, hyperopia, the structure and function of the eye are taken into consideration by the ophthalmologist. Most of all, pathologic or structural hyperopia and functional hyperopia have different symptoms as well as causes that get evaluated by the Lasik surgeons. The flattening or ablating of the annular zone in the cornea act is the major consideration to correct hyperopia with the Lasik treatment.  

Find the Top Lasik Surgery Specialists in Delhi 

With the growing need for eye surgery assisted by laser methodology, Lasik has evolved in a variety of ways. At Contoura Vision India, we are a team of highly qualified and well-trained ophthalmologists with vast experience in addressing a wide range of vision correction issues. Being the reputable Lasik surgery specialists in Delhi, we utilize advanced technology and the best-in-class infrastructure to offer a comprehensive solution to our patients. In a short span of time, we have imparted hands-on training to our fellow surgeons while correcting the refractive errors. From being updated about the newly introduced lasers to switching to the most adept Lasik surgery, we always keep ourselves well-informed. We believe in diagnosing the root cause of vision correction requirements initially and thereby, establishing the suitable resources to be used in laser eye surgery.