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Contoura Vision vs Lasik Vs Smile - US FDA Results and Clinical trials outcomes

In this article we will focus on the highlights go these three technologies

Clinical trials have clearly shown superiority on Contoura over Smile and Lasik procedures

The most accepted clinical trial where Contoura Vision was compared with Smile consisted

One eye operated on Smile platform and other eye operated on Contoura Platform of the same individual

The results clearly showed that Contoura operated eyes had better visual outcomes in relation to Visual sharpness,Visual Contrast, Decreased Halos and Glares,Better Night Time Driving,Superior Vision and Faster Recovery

Such outcomes were possible due to additional treatments done in Contoura which are unavailable in any other SMILE or LASIK procedures

Contoura Vision

Specs Removal + Corneal Irregularities Removal + Visual Axis Treatment


Only Specs Removal


Only Specs Removal


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