Small Incision Lenticule Extraction or Smile Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi is one of the latest advancements in Laser correction of eyes’ vision. It is an innovative form of laser eye surgery that  corrects the vision of people with higher degrees of short-sightedness or myopia. It is a very common condition that causes distant objects to appear blurry while close objects are sharp clear.  



It is commonly heard that “eating carrots are good for the eyes”. However, many people still have common eye problems such as near-sightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Since the eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body, people take care of them in the best way possible. Any change in eyesight affects people’s lives as they can experience headaches and blurred vision, while people find it difficult to cope with spectacles all the time. For such problems, Smile Laser Eye Surgery comes to the rescue.  

Smile Laser Eye Surgery is considered the most preferred and a good alternative to LASIK Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis. Smile is a bladeless procedure that is minimally invasive and highly precise in reshaping the cornea for correct vision. The biggest advantage of Smile Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi is that it is performed by highly experienced surgeons to offer comfort and greater precision than any other technique of correcting vision.  


Being the latest advancement, Smile Eye Surgery in Delhi is accurate and technologically advanced. It provides long-term benefits to people and is thus, considered not a low-budget treatment. Smile eye surgery cost in India depends upon a myriad of factors such as the experience of the surgeon, hospital amenities, etc. It also depends upon the fact whether the surgery needs to be performed on both eyes or one.  


Smile Lasik surgery cost in India is considered expensive than a normal Lasik surgery. Additionally, if a person has some other issues related to eyes that requires additional care while performing the surgery then the hospital may cost extra for that. Hence, it is better to undergo a proper diagnosis before taking the decision for procedure. Furthermore, it is also imperative to analyse all the benefits that the surgery is going to offer which will help in making a prompt decision. 

Best Hospitals for Smile Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi 

Delhi is known for its world-class healthcare infrastructure and eye hospitals with great amenities. To find out the best hospital for Smile Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi, one must evaluate the experience and quality before taking this crucial decision of life. Though several eye hospitals in Delhi, India are offering high-quality Laser Surgery, here are a few of the top centers with state-of-the-art facility:

1. Eye 7 Hospital


3. Aakash Hospital

4. Centre for Sight

5. Visitech Eye Centre


Smile Laser Eye Surgery is a painless procedure and for that, the eyes need to be numb. The surgeon starts with administering anesthetic drops in the patient’s eyes to ensure the entire procedure is painless.  


In the next stage, the surgeon uses a laser to place several pulses in the center of the cornea. This requires extraordinary precision and forms tiny bubbles. This helps the surgeon to create an outline of the tissue that needs to be removed.  


All these steps need to be performed by an experienced surgeon with extreme precision and care. After the successful execution of these steps, a small tunnel is created with the help of the laser. That’s when the surgeon removes the damaged tissue and reshaped the cornea of the eye.  


The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. However, if a person has severe vision irregularities or any other associated problem then the estimated time can increase as per the surgeon’s evaluation. 


After going through such a critical procedure, one must also wonder about the long-term benefits it serves the patient. 


1. Minimally invasive: Smile Laser Eye Surgery is minimally invasive that reshapes the cornea within a few minutes. The whole procedure is painless and accepted widely as an alternative to other advanced eye surgeries.  

2. Minimized risk: In a majority of eye surgeries, a flap is created on the cornea. It results in flap displacement risks and scar tissue growth. But Smile Laser Eye Surgery is completely safe and there is no risk of any such complications.  

3. Safe and efficient: Smile Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi is performed with technologically advanced tools that ensure the entire procedure is safe and efficient.  

4. Speedy recovery: The surgery has promising results in ensuring long-term vision improvement and its sustenance. According to the estimates, it has helped patients achieve 20/20 vision while improving the vision up to 80% in the patient. Furthermore, it has faster outcomes than any other eye surgery.  

5. No dry eyes: Usually after laser surgery, patients experience dry eyes. However, after undergoing Smile Laser Eye Surgery, the patient does not experience any such condition due to the absence of flap after the treatment.  

What to Expect after the Surgery? 

The recovery in Smile Laser Eye Surgery is really quick. However, right after the procedure, it is normal to experience blurry vision temporarily. Furthermore, after the surgery, the vision gets 80% clear within few hours. According to clinical trials, the 80% mark reaches 100% within a few weeks of the treatment. Also, if one needs to get it done by an experienced surgeon, they should get the appointment as prior as possible to prepare themselves for the treatment. Apart from financial readiness, one needs to be mentally strong to avoid any sort of nervousness before or during the