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Best Hospital for Bladeless Femto Laser Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Once you have decided to go ahead with cataract surgery and have decided to choose the best cataract surgery technique available, it is natural to look for the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospital in Delhi.

What are the criteria for choosing the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospital in Delhi?

  • Surgeon experience: You must choose a hospital with well trained, experienced surgeons who are backed by a cohesive team of OT technicians and nursing staff. Remember when you choose a government hospital, or a charitable institution, you may not be able to decide which surgeon operates on your eye. While all doctors under training are supervised in all the reputed institutions, when undergoing bladeless femto laser cataract surgery, it is only rational to choose from amongst the best private eye hospitals in Delhi.

  • Technological know-how and expertise: Make sure you choose a surgeon and hospital which has femto laser cataract surgery available within the premises of the hospital. In case your doctor operates at a distant location, because he or she doesn’t have access to the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery equipment in his or her own hospital, their experience with the technology will invariably be limited.

  • Patient care and experience: Remember your cataract surgery is going to have the most significant impact on your quality of life. When you choose the best possible cataract surgery technique, that is, bladeless femto laser cataract surgery, and pay the incremental price for the surgery, your experience during the pre and post-operative period must be commensurate. This is another determinant why stand-alone private hospitals are considered the best for bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospitals in Delhi.

Attention foreign patients: This holds true especially if you are travelling to Delhi, from within India or abroad. Several eye hospitals like Eye 7 have an international patient help desk which is happy to provide end to end solutions from help with surgeon opinion, and costing of surgery before the visit, to help with visa formalities, and even travel and interpreter assistance. These can prove invaluable for the foreign patients, and ensure a seamless and hassle free bladeless femto laser cataract surgery experience in Delhi, at a fraction of the cost abroad.

Which is the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospital in Delhi?

We would like to base our judgment on the above mentioned criteria, and few additional criteria including:

  • Accessibility of doctors and eye care facility

  • Affordability of procedure

  • Patient ease and comfort before, during and after surgery

  • Anesthesia team and support

  • Time tested facility

Keeping all of these in mind, the few eye care facilities that come to mind are: Eye 7 hospitals, Center for Sight, Bharti Eye, Shroff eye Centre etc.

In all of these, the first amongst equals would be Eye 7 hospitals because of the experience and approachability of its founder director, Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary who has been a pioneer in femto cataract and laser refractive surgeries in the region.

That said, you must decide objectively, for yourself, as to which is the best bladeless femto laser cataract surgery hospital in Delhi, after a preliminary discussion with your chosen surgeon.


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