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Does The Cost Of A LASIK Operation Include Pre-operative Evaluation And Post-operative Care?

Laser-driven eye surgeries have gained immense popularity in India in recent times. The percentage of successful surgeries has increased, and many people are opting for this eye surgery approach for corrected vision. A lot of innovation and invention has occurred in the laser eye surgery domain that has led to several specialized methods, like Lasik eye surgery. Like other laser-driven eye surgeries, the Lasik eye operation is a technology-oriented eye surgical procedure that uses laser rays.

The cost factor

Since Lasik eye surgery is a highly technology-intensive procedure, Lasik surgeries can be expensive affairs. Generally, Lasik eye surgery costs between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. Several factors are at play that determines the cost of the surgery. Lasik surgeries are elective eye treatments and are often not covered by medical insurance. However, if your eye has 7.5D power, the medical insurance companies can reimburse your operation cost. Hence, often, the patient has to bear the Lasik operation cost in India. Leading eye clinics provide help to their customers to pay for their treatment. Top-rated eye clinics have designed affordable surgery packages, simple EMI payments, and many other facilities.

Wide range of cost

The discussion reveals that the cost of Lasik eye surgery can be varied. The exact expense at the end of the procedure is determined by several aspects like the doctor who is operating, the operation clinic, the exact nature and extent of the eye problem, etc. Likewise, two crucial factors that determine the cost of the surgery are the pre-operative tests and the post-operative care provided to the patient. These two aspects help to improve the surgery success rate and provide adequate care to the patient so that he can get back to regular life quickly.

Importance of pre-operative tests

Lasik eye surgery is one of the safest forms of laser-driven eye operations. One of the main reasons that explain the high index of the procedure safety rests in the number of tests done for the patient before a Lasik eye surgery. Remember that Lasik eye surgery is one of the most evolved eye operations, and the doctor has to take care of several parameters before they advise the procedure to a patient. Lasik eye surgery is not advised to every patient who comes with a corneal refractive error.

The Pre-operative tests

Several eye tests before the operation are prescribed to ascertain the patient's suitability for Lasik eye surgery. Some of them are the refraction test, the comprehensive eye examination, the corneal topography, pupil size measurement, tear film evaluation, wavefront analysis, dilated fundus assessment, contrast sensitivity analysis, pentacam HR, etc. The varied eye tests help to ascertain and find the exact condition of the eye from different perspectives. The success of the Lasik eye surgery depends on the proper assessment of all the findings from the various prior-to-operation tests. The before-operation eye test results help the doctor measure and weigh the current eye condition of the patient and then judge whether Lasik is the best procedure.

Contribution of the prior operation tests

The results and findings of the before-operation tests help doctors be sure of the approach for a patient’s surgery. Since the entire procedure is already decided, the operation does not take more than a few minutes. Those patients who have sat for the surgery have mentioned that most of the time is for the preparations, and the operation barely continues for a couple of seconds. Some patients have confided that the Lasik eye operation was over before they even realized it.

Post-operative care

An elemental aspect that helps a patient recover after any surgery, is post-operative care. Lasik eye surgery is no different. The Lasik operation cost in India is determined to a great extent by the post-operative care provided to the patient. Lasik eye surgery is a quick eye operative procedure, and patients can regain near to normal eyesight about a couple of hours after the surgery. However, it takes a little over a week for the eye to completely heal. Patients do not need to stay in the hospital after the surgery and can return home after a couple of hours. However, within a couple of hours, the patient is given all the due care, attention, and medical treatment necessary for quick recovery.

Attention from the best surgeons

The kind of after-surgery care you receive also depends on the quality of the doctor ad their team. Some of the best doctors in town can offer quick and instant responses to your problems and side effects, if there are any. Quality post-operative care after a Lasik eye surgery will help you feel at ease and recover from the surgery at the earliest.

Inclusion in the package

Pre-operative tests and post-operative care play a crucial role in the success of Lasik eye surgery. The before-operation eye tests and the recovery care come at their own expense. This expense is covered in the cost of Lasik eye operations. The pre-operative tests and the post-operative care can vary in the number of tests and the quality of care. If you opt for a lesser number of tests and a lower intensive care your Lasik operation cost in India will be reduced considerably.

Discuss with your doctor

Your doctor is the best person to advise you o this context. He is the best person who can advise you regarding the pre-operative tests required for you and the post-operative care which is necessary for you. Share your ideas of a lower number of tests and a lower intensity of care to reduce the overall cost. Finally, follow the advice and guidance of your doctor for a successful Lasik eye surgery.

Balance cost and value

Lasik eye surgery helps you to have perfect vision without the burden of glasses, spectacles, or a contact lens. Make your operative procedure as safe and comfortable as possible. Invest in the right choices and do away with unnecessary extra frills. However, trust your doctor's suggestions and take his advice for the best outcomes.

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