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Why is Contoura Vision the best treatment for specs removal in India?

Your eyes might be getting weak with age and your doctor has prescribed you to wear glasses or lenses. The choice is for you to make. So which one do you choose among the two? Delicate lenses undoubtedly will be the preference! Wearing huge, heavy glasses will only place stress on your ears and nose. It is also tiresome.

Is it possible to avoid spectacles?

Yes! Modern science has made it possible for people with weak eyes to choose a better option over wearing spectacles. The leading ophthalmologists can provide you with information on he state-of-the-art spectacle removal surgery. To remove those glasses or to avoid wearing them, you need to undergo surgery. With contoura vision surgery cost in India becoming reasonable, you can avail it without much difficulty.

What is this procedure?

It is also referred to as ‘Topography guided Lasik surger

y’ and represents the latest development made in laser vision rectification. Thus, availing of this surgery helps avoid glasses. This method rectifies corneal abnormalities while enhancing visual acuity. On the other hand, SMILE and LASIK procedures can only remove eyeglass power. Thus, the Contoura treatment can be termed to provide more amazing results than the other two.

Effective and safe refractive error surgical procedure

Contoura Vision is fast becoming popular among the medical fraternity and being prescribed to those eligible to undergo it. Certified, experienced doctors use safe, advanced techniques to perform this surgical procedure. After this surgery, you don’t have to worry about wearing glasses. It involves three step correction technique to ensure an accurate and highly precise eye map thereby marking easily to approximately 22,000 points.

Satisfactory results

Being an advanced LASIK surgical procedure, individuals can now get better eyesight without having to resort to using glasses. It is indeed a boon for those patients who are deprived of not being eligible to undergo LASIK surgery. The reason is that cornea-related irregularities can now achieve a satisfactory outcome. Consulting the doctors at the top eye hospital will ensure the best results.

How does this procedure assures better eyesight?

Contoura Vision Refractive Suite makes use of the below-given technologies that tend to set it apart from other procedures and make it effective.

  • Computerized eye-movement tracking: Medical experts consider Contoura Vision equipment to be among the quickest tool used to track eye movements. The patient’s eye movement is monitored very closely to offer precise ablations. It also helps prevent small errors. This feature is not present in SMILE equipment.

  • Active Centration control: It ensures that ablation is carried out in the appropriate location. This helps double visible results. The SMILE technique does not have the ability to accomplish such active centration.

  • Visual Axis treatment: Natural axis is considered to be the visual axis for vision. It is said to pass along the vision line in the eye. The Contoura procedure is known to target the visual axis to provide sharper visual results. Bladeless SMILE and LASIK treat the papillary axis. Hence, they do not offer Contoura-type effects.

  • Corneal irregularity rectification: Corneal irregularities are targeted and rectified in Contoura therapy. The optical surface is provided with an ideal shape to offer a clear, crisp view. Thus, it provides superior results, unlike conventional eyeglass repairs. It is something not derived from bladeless LASIK or SMILE.

  • Cyclorotation compensation: In this procedure, potential cycle rotation of the patient’s eye is targeted by this procedure. It is natural eye rotation that takes place, especially in a lying position. This is between supine (therapeutic) and upright seated (imaging) positions. SMILE technology fails to offer cyclo-rotation compensation options.

Who is eligible to undergo Contoura Surgery?

Technology advancements have made contoura Lasik treatment cost in India become affordably priced. Also, it has got FDA approval while offering better outcomes when compared to LASIK and SMILE. Ophthalmologists are now recommending this procedure to their patients. Consulting the doctor will help you to know whether you can avail of this modern surgical therapy or not.

Eligibility criteria

  • The patient is to have the power of <3D cyl.

  • Age should be above 18 years.

  • The spherical eye should be less than 8D.

  • A thin cornea should not be present.

  • No serious corneal pathologies should be suffered from.

  • Eyeglass prescription should be consistent.

  • Not having any major obstruction present in the nose or brow.

  • Not experiencing immunodeficiency or vascular disease-related issues.


Contoura Vision surgery offers immediate healing. Most patients are found to experience excellent results just after two hours of having the surgery. Many are reported to view everything with great clarity like regular individuals. On the other hand, Bladeless LASIK offers quick recovery while recovery with the SMILE procedure takes around requires 7-10 days.

Interest facts on Contoura surgery

This procedure does not require using any injection, blade, or require stitches at any time. Also, you don’t have to get bothered about hospitalization. There are experienced minimal downtime while the procedure is performed very quickly. It also assures offering excellent vision quality. Eye surgery cost in India is quite reasonable such that even NRIs and foreigners are coming to this country to avail of this procedure.

Does this procedure come with any unwanted side effects?

It is considered to be among the most effective as well as the safest eye treatment recommended to those eager to have good eyesight. It allows you to stay away from your specs. You will also be able to see clear, precise results without having to wait for a year or so. This advanced treatment approach has managed to eradicate complications and side effects caused by LASIK surgery.

Why choose a good eye hospital to undergo this procedure?

This is something important and should not be neglected. A good and well-established eye hospital is one that is popular for providing top-quality contour surgery at affordable rates. It should also be using the latest equipment and have well-trained and experienced ophthalmologists to carry out the procedure. This way, your experience throughout the surgery and aftermath will be painless and amazing.

Consult now!

Since you have gained valuable knowledge on this procedure, there is no reason you should wait. Simply contact the top eye doctor at the leading hospital and consult on the remedy to avail. You can get eyesight correction and view everything clearly!


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