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Advantage and Disadvantage of Laser Eye Treatment

The first laser eye surgery dates back to approximately 30 years. However, it is still considered to be a relatively new method of operating eye related disorders. Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of laser eye surgery makes it easier for a patient to decide if it the procedure is going to suit him.

Undergoing a laser eye surgery can be quite a daunting decision for many prospective patients. It may mainly be due to the apprehension in regards to the safety of their eyes, and lack of knowledge regarding the pros and cons of the surgery.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages related to laser eye surgery?

It is always good to consult an ophthalmologist to learn about the laser eye surgery side effects, disadvantages and benefits before patients could proceed with it. Laser eye surgery, whether LASIK, LASEK or PRK, are usually successful if performed carefully on qualifying patients. The probability of full recovery in patients of short – sightedness and astigmatism are particularly high. At the same time, LASIK can prove to be very effective for patients with long – sightedness and reading disorder. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London in one of its studies stated that a total of over 95% patients feel satisfied with the results of laser eye surgery procedures.

In the long run also, the cost of maintaining a vision corrected through laser treatment for eyes costs cheaper than wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Disadvantages of laser treatment for eyes:

1. You will have to take a break from personal and professional commitments:

The process only lasts for an hour including the setup and the operation, followed by 20-30 minutes of relaxation. Surgeons recommend spending the entire day resting to avoid any laser eye surgery side-effects. They also advise against involving in any sort of physical activities. This would clearly mean that you will have to keep all your commitments at home and work aside and take the day off. Also, if you undergo a lasik laser eye surgery, the surgeon will ask you to visit the following day for a checkup. On the contrary, if you are undergoing a PRK or LASEK laser eye surgery, you will need to take a total of 4-7 days’ rest. The process of healing in these two procedures takes a much longer time.

2. Risk of developing laser eye surgery side-effects:

Though the cases of patients developing any laser eye surgery side-effects are very minimal, it is primarily related to the suitability of the procedure. If the operation is carried out on a qualifying patient by an expert surgeon who is versed in the procedure, inside a setting of low volume, the chances of any complications or side – effects arising are just next to impossible. It is for you to take care that you choose the best surgeons in the industry and thus, avoid any sort of risks. Avoiding, setting that are overtly commercial will be an ideal thing to do if you are under the pressure of proceeding.

3. Caring for your eyes post-operation:

You might develop a tendency of dry or itchy eyes for hours once you undergo the laser treatment for eyes. If you undergo a LASIK laser eye surgery procedure, the surgeon will recommend you eye-drops that can help you get rid of the concern. It takes relatively longer for this feeling to diminish in cases of LASEK or PRK eye surgery procedures.

Now that you have understood the disadvantages and laser eye surgery side -effects, take a look at its numerous advantages.

Advantages of Laser treatment for eyes:

1. It is one of the safest technologies for treating refractive eye-disorders:

Laser eye surgery is the latest, most advanced and safest procedure known to the world for treating refractive eye-disorders. If performed by the experts in the industry on suitable prospective, 100% results could be achieved that will last life-long. Adopting this approach will also ensure minimal complications and optimum results could be achieved with a 20/20 vision restoration. The success rates are highest in the cases of astigmatism with minimal complications reported by the patients.

2. It is one of the quickest procedures to treat refractive eye-disorders:

The actual surgery procedure takes around only 9 to 10 minutes in total barring the setup. Patients are not usually required to stay back at the hospital. The recovery is also quick in case of LASIK laser eye surgery. The vision restoration takes places just after 2-4 hours of the operative procedure being performed.

3. The process is absolutely painless:

Patients are treated with anaesthetic eye drops before they could undergo the laser treatment for eyes. This numbs their eyes and the procedure becomes fundamentally painless. A slight pressure can be experienced while the use of femtosecond laser for creating a flap in the cornea.

4. Easy finance options:

Most laser eye treatment centers provide easy finance solutions with zero percent interest rates. This ensures that patients are able to pay off the cost in easy EMIs post the laser eye surgery.

5. Rapid restoration of eyesight:

The vision of most patients is restored just within a couple of hours after the operation procedure. In most cases, the vision restoration rate is 20/20. In rare or complicated cases the vision restoration rate is 20/40.

6. Freedom of enjoying flawless vision:

Full vision restoration usually comes as a very pleasant change for patients that are compelled to use lenses and spectacles for a clear sight. These patients often describe the freedom from these sorts of vision aiding equipment as life changing.

Physical activities such as swimming, playing sports, etc become much less of a hassle. Waking up in the morning without having to look around for glasses or not losing costly spectacles or lenses and not suffering dry eyes due to wearing lenses for long hours make patients feel very liberated.

Now that you are well-aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of undergoing a laser eye treatment, it will be easier for you to proceed with the surgery and choose the best eye specialist for laser eye surgery.


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