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Why Are Dry Eyes More Common In Women Than Men?

Research confirms that more than fifty percent of patients are women in case of dry eye syndrome. Have you ever thought about the reason behind this occurrence? It is not strange or coincidental. There is a biological aspect that causes the dry eyes syndrome more acute in a woman’s body. Men also suffer from the symptoms, but the percentage is low.

Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

What do you know about dry eye syndrome (DES)? It is a common medical syndrome caused due to insufficient tears produced in the eyes. The eyeball becomes dry and red. The tear quality can also be a cause behind DES. The symptoms of DES can be severe and mild, depending on the tear amount and quality.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

  • Burning sensation in the eye

  • Blurred vision and redness in the eye

  • Itchiness and irritation in the eye

  • Inflamed eyelid and sored eye

  • Foreign body sensation inside the eye, etc.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome in Women

Dry eye syndrome is related to the tear gland. Tears produced in the eye are highly essential for maintaining the clarity of vision. How? It helps in resisting any dirt from harming the eyeball. The water layer is like a shield and provides lubrication for the eyelid to flip. With inadequate tear production, there can be several issues. DES is a consequence of less tear production in the eye. It is not an exclusive syndrome – Dry eye syndrome is found in men and women, but the percentage is high for women patients. With the increased screen time and constant pressure on the eyes, the tear glands get impacted poorly. The tear produced by the glands becomes insufficient, and the quality decreases. There are a few reasons that promote the DES syndrome, but the screen time pressure on the eye is a significant reason that men and women both must focus on.

DES or dry eye syndrome is likely to occur in a female body for a few biological factors. Before getting into the biological and hormonal aspects triggering DES in a woman, one must adopt good habits to avoid the dry eye symptoms becoming acute and severe. Consulting a doctor is a must if you have symptoms of DES. Besides that, limit the screen time to ensure better tear production and blink the eyes more often while reading or watching the digital screen. It promotes tear production in the eyes and soothes the triggering sensations of dry eye syndrome. 1. Hormones have a role to play - Estrogen levels in the body can alter during menstrual cycles, and that is a significant reason. Not only estrogen, but other hormone levels also take a toll on the body. Progesterone and testosterone levels also fluctuate and impact the tear glands. For instance, a combination of high progesterone and low testosterone can cause dry eyes. 2. Menopause is a significant cause - Menopause is a challenging time for a woman. The body undergoes so many changes, and every change impacts the body in a unique way. Among the many impacts of menopause, tear quality reduction is a significant one. Thus, women over the age of fifty complain the most about DES. Hormone levels fluctuate hugely during the menopause phase and generate acute symptoms of dry eyes. 3. Pregnancy and oral contraceptives - Oral contraceptive pills have several side effects that often go unnoticed. Among the many adverse impacts, DES is a highly neglected one. The birth controllers reduce the level of androgen in the female body. It directly impacts tear production and quality, making the symptoms worse. 4. Makeup and cosmetics impact - Besides the biological factors, makeup products can be another culprit for generating dry eyes. Eye makeup essentials like kohl, mascara, and eyeliner may cause infection. Also, the eye shadow and glitter you apply near your eyes can cause irritation in the eyeballs. All these may trigger the mild symptoms of dry eyes and irritate the eyes.

The Correct Way to Treat DES

Now you know the reasons that generate the DES symptoms more in women. You need to stay careful from the start if you are a woman. The symptoms of DES do not occur in a day. Even if you encounter mild symptoms, you must consult a doctor. A hospital where you can find the best Laser eye surgery in Delhi can resolve the requirements to treat dry eyes. A clinic with facilities like laser treatment brings the best-in-class infrastructure for patients. The best ophthalmologists can review the conditions and take the best steps to treat dry eye syndrome. A gender-neutral note for all - Do not leave it untreated. Even though the blog is on the reasons that make DES a common issue for women, the closing note is a message for all! Whether you are a man or a woman, your eyes are the most valuable part of the body. You see the world with it, so take good care of vision syndromes. Visit a doctor for optic problems and get an expert opinion to treat them rightly.


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