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Contact Lenses vs Lasik Eye Surgery

Are you fed up with wearing glasses? You have probably convinced yourself of the fact that you have to wear them continuously. Any individual with vision issues must be aware of the various merits and demerits associated with glasses. A lifetime dependency on them may however take its toll.

Making the Right Choice: Contact Lenses or Laser Eye Surgery?

You may have probably considered contact lenses as an option. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that laser eye surgery can be a better choice? You will need to weigh the pros and cons of both. When you have all the relevant information in hand you will be able to arrive at the right choice.

Most people ponder about the cost. Everything depends upon your perspective. You will never be able to attain as good a vision as that without glasses. For addressing such issues an increasing number of people are thinking about alternative options.

Cost Factors

The up-front cost is low in the case of contact lenses. People will however have to buy multiple boxes of lenses every year. Based upon the kind of lens required, the yearly expenses in this regard will be in the range of INR 10,000- INR 50,000. You will also have to consider other potential costs, such as eye examinations, prescription adjustments, and storage solutions. In contrast, the average Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India may range between INR 30,000 - INR 1,05,000 for each eye and the results will last a lifetime. There will be no additional expenses.

It is true that in the initial phase, there is a substantial investment. However, you will get long-lasting results. In this context, the candidate's age has to be taken into account. He may wind up saving a substantial sum of money that he would have otherwise spent on lenses and that too continuously.

Financing plans

Many clinics offer financing plans. The aim is to make procedures like laser eye surgery accessible to all in need. You can avail of the affordability calculator to determine the expenses you would spend on contact lenses and glasses by the time, you are middle-aged. This step will help you keep things in perspective. You will realize the significance of the long-term value that one would obtain by opting for Lasik surgery.

Impact of lifestyle

Nowadays glasses come in various styles. You can even accessorize them to your attire. Wearing them therefore may not be a source of annoyance to all. If you are comfortable with glasses, the following factors may not be an issue for you.

· About the way you look

Quite a few people encounter issues about how the glasses sit on the bridge of their noses. Others may have a forgetful nature and may fail to recollect the site where they left them last. A few others may detest how they have to take them off while working out in the gym. If you participate in professional sports, wearing glasses may not be a feasible option for you.

· Avoid red marks

A lot of these issues will be taken care of by contact lenses. You will not get those red marks on the bridge of your nose. Nor will you face the discomfort of wearing them for prolonged periods. Now, you may find it much easier to do yoga or jogging.

· Sense of freedom

If you are involved in contact sports, contact lenses may be risky. During close encounters in the game, they may create discomfort in the eyes. In these situations, Lasik surgery can offer complete freedom. You will not have to be concerned about damaging your glasses or losing the lens when you are involved in rigorous activities.

· Remain stress-free

You will not have to worry about placing an order for new boxes of lenses at regular intervals. Nor would you have to think of getting your lenses repaired when they receive scratch marks. After you undergo laser refractive surgery, you will be amazed at how you can step outdoors and enjoy your life without being concerned about your eyesight.


Lasik Eye Surgery, as opposed to the contacts debate, is a continuous one. It provides freedom from the continuous hustle of glasses & contact lenses. In many cases, it can also offer better-than-perfect visual acuity (4/6 or better) which is impossible to attain via contact lenses. Now, if you are still uncertain about which choice would be suitable in your case, then get in touch with an ophthalmologist for guidance.


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