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What is Monovision and How Does it Improve Eye Health?

In order to attain visual acuity of near and distance vision with a single correction method in the case of presbyopia, it is termed as monovision. As a part of this treatment, the patient can focus on objects placed at a distance from one eye, whereas, the other eye has near vision power. With the increase in refractive surgery, the monovision method has been adopted by many eye care hospitals in India. The success rate of monovision can be estimated as 85% as many patients can get clear vision after undergoing this treatment. But, there are a few exceptions, wherein, it may not act as the perfect solution. Let us understand the connotation, implication and relevance of monovision for improving eye health.

To start with, the patients who have attained 40 years of age and are more than 40 can opt for monovision to get presbyopia corrected. The objective of this treatment for clear vision is to make a person get rid of spectacles while focusing on the objects placed at a distance and nearby. Since presbyopia deteriorates the power of vision gradually as the lens of the eye gets hardened, hence affecting the ability to focus. This is precisely where, the monovision corrects the vision through either LASIK or contact lenses, depending on the prescription of the doctor.

Is Monovision a Good Option for Restoring Proper Vision?

In order to ensure that monovision is suitable for you, it is essential to take a glimpse at various factors that lead to the success of this vision correction treatment for presbyopia. First of all, it is the age factor that matters the most for the success of refractive surgery. To be precise, the candidates who are 40 years old or more are eligible for the monovision procedure. In addition, the hospitals offering Laser eye surgery in Delhi ensure corrective processes for the vision that require precision should be backed by all the pre-requisites like the person should not be active in sports and must have tried monovision with contact lenses. If the candidate experiences the utmost convenience in the latter condition of contact lenses, then, monovision is deemed to be suitable for him/her.

Apart from this, for people who prefer getting rid of spectacles, or reading glasses and are looking for a permanent solution for clear vision in their aging phase after 40, this corrective procedure of eye health will work for them effectively. It further implicates that for a blended vision, the person needs to be okay with the fine-tuning of distance vision by using the distance glasses while deciding to undergo the monovision procedure. In another case of full vision after this corrective process of monovision, the person should be over the age of 40 to attain a desirable effect. At present, the cases of Lasik surgery in Delhi also depend on several considerations, and hence, the same is applicable in the case of monovision with full distance vision treatment.

Nevertheless, when you find the signs of eye strain and don’t want the risk factors to increase, then, the first thing to be done is to find the best eye care clinic near you. The doctor will dilate your eyes in the initial stage of the eye health assessment and then, if presbyopia is diagnosed, the corrective measure will be recommended. Hence, you should not wait for the symptoms of prolonged headaches and eye strain to increase. Furthermore, the doctor will conclude after the evaluation of the eyes whether monovision will be suitable for vision correction in your case or not.

Scope of Wearing Glasses with Monovision Contacts

Monovision is actually a corrective procedure where the person has double vision, thus, to balance the visual acuity of both eyes, mini-monovision turns out to be the best variation. The right and left dominant eye factors to prevail after the surgery, thereby, leading to the vision imbalance. But, it is highly recommended to check with the doctor whether you need to maintain contacts by precautionary measures of eye care or if reading glasses can be used, when required. It should be noted that not every monovision procedure will be the same, therefore, the initial consultation with a doctor specializing in LASIK surgery in Delhi is advisable.

How to Contact the Best Doctor for Monovision?

At present, the high-end technology, new methodologies and advanced instruments used for examining the eyes’ health have become some of the factors worth considering when seeking advice from Lasik Surgery Specialists in Delhi. It further implicates that monovision has an in-depth connotation that needs to be understood keeping in mind the eligibility and effectiveness of the vision correction procedure. Last, but not least, you can access Contoura Vision India resources to gain insights into the past monovision treatment cases and our expert opinion about this corrective procedure intended at restoring a balanced vision.


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