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What is the Cost Relationship between Contoura Vision and Lasik?

Contoura Vision

What is the cost of Contoura Vision and Lasik?

Here are the approximate costs of the various laser vision correction procedures in India. The actual prices will vary, depending on doctor and hospital, but most practices operate within the same price point.

Conventional Lasik: Rs. 20000-30000 INR

Sub Bowman’s Lasik (SBK): Rs. 30000-40000

INRFemtosecond or Robotic Lasik: Rs. 80000-100000

INR SMILE: Rs. 80000-95000 INR

Contoura Vision: Rs. 95000-105000 INR

You will realize that the first two procedures for laser vision correction cost about the same, while the cost of the latter three, the “premium laser vision correction procedures” cost almost twice as much, or even more. The premium surgeries more than justify the incremental cost because of better safety and efficacy in comparison to conventional Lasik. Despite this cost differential, you will be surprised to know that the laser eye surgery cost in India is only a fraction of its cost outside the country. In fact, even in the hospitals at par with the best centers in the world, the surgery for spectacle correction is remarkably cheaper than elsewhere in the world.

Is the higher cost of Contoura Vision Lasik justified?

Technology: As is evident, the most sophisticated and advanced techniques of laser eye surgery cost more than older technologies, because of cost of equipment as well as disposable equipment. Bladeless technology of laser vision correction is obviously more expensive because of much more sophisticated instrumentation.

Type of hospital: Certain hospitals are able to offer patients lesser laser eye surgery cost in India since they use either old machines, or technology that is outdated. Also, Certain hospitals, like Eye 7 hospitals, which have very high volume of Lasik surgery patients can offer the surgery at a lower price, rather than smaller clinics which have few patients, and use the OT facility at a different center. Hospitals which offer the latest technology like Contoura Lasik and SMILE obviously charge more for the premium laser procedures because of equipment costs.

Vision results: As explained above, Contoura Lasik offers vision results superior to any other technique for spectacle removal, and has proven to be safer and more precise than all other surgeries of premium vision correction. Because of this reason, the incremental is more than justified, and especially since the cost in India remains much less than anywhere else in the world.The advantages of Contoura Vision technology which makes it undeniably superior to conventional Lasik in terms of safety and efficacy includes the following reasons:

A. Contoura vision is beyond just freedom from glasses and has consistently given patients perfect vision, in fact “super vision” has become a possibility with this technology. This means that if you have 6/6 vision with your glasses or contact lenses before surgery, there are chances your vision will be better than 6/6 after surgery.

B. Better quality of vision and lesser visual aberrations

The Contoura Vision technology offers crystal clear vision due to the customization of the treatment to your corneal shape and contour. In addition, there is a remarkably decreased incidence of visual disturbances like glare, halos, difficulty in night time driving and reading etcetera.Remember that laser vision correction, in addition to freedom from glasses, offers you a better quality of life, and 6/6 vision after surgery now is the minimum you expect. In addition, Contoura Lasik offers the patient a delightful experience, with almost instant and long lasting crystal clear vision. If you attribute a cost to your quality of life, especially since it is a one-time investment only, the price of Contoura Vision in comparison to conventional Lasik is not much higher.

A word of caution when evaluating costs of Lasik:

Doctors and experts warn that you should be wary of “cheap laser surgeries”. Any hospital that charges less than the lower limits of indicative laser eye surgery cost in India, must be approached with caution. Given that laser vision correction involves the use of certain one-time only disposable consumables, these indicative prices are representative of the lowest possible prices also.