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Things to know before and after the procedure

Those experiencing low to moderate eye related problems can benefit from LASIK eye surgery. It is considered to be a quick procedure that is also painless and getting popular with time. However, some complications and risks might arise with this surgery, thus requiring you to understand what exactly happens before, during and after the surgery. This way, you will be better prepared to face the outcomes and derive better results.

Realistic expectations

You need to evaluate your particular eye condition, age and other factors to determine the results to be availed. Discuss your available options with the well-trained LASIK surgeons. They will explain you in details how the procedure will be conducted and what happens next. Whatever be your question related to the procedure, get it cleared from the specialists. This way, you will have peace of mind and enjoy corrected vision.

Eligibility factor

Do you make a good candidate? You are sure to be worried about whether you can undergo this procedure or not. It again depends upon several factors. The eye care professional during the consultation will ask you several questions. He/she will also want to know about your heath history, working habits, etc. History involving vision problems and your eyes will be a vital factor whether you are eligible for the procedure or not.

Who is not eligible for this procedure?

Minors those under 18 years of age are not eligible for the surgery. Certain degenerative diseases of the eye might even disqualify you. The experienced LASIK surgeon will evaluate thoroughly your overall health and make decisions on your eligibility considering different factors. It is necessary to understand that those with poor health, pregnant or suffering from some diseases are not eligible. The results for such patients will also be poor, something undesired.

Any complications involved?

Yes! There are certain risks and complications with LASIK surgery similar to any medical procedure or surgery. It is only a handful who is found to experience some problems. A common problem reported is diminished low-light vision. It might cause halos or glowing effect at night around lit objects. But with time, it can be expected that such side effects will disappear on its own. Long-term complications are said to be of rare cases.

Can corrective lenses be eliminated after having Lasik surgery?

Maybe! Patients who have undergone this type of surgery can still be noticed to be using some kind of contacts or glasses. But this does not necessarily mean surgery offers poor outcome. It is quite normal and is to be anticipated. Remember, LASIK cannot correct vision problems completely. Rather, it is a procedure meant to enhance your vision. Hence, you need to set the right expectations to derive satisfaction and peace of mind.

Cost involved

Lasik laser eye surgery cost is likely to depend on the region where you reside, current eye condition, procedure used, etc. However, those experiencing severe vision problems or complications will have to shelve more. You should discuss the cost well in advance with the surgeon. There are fortunately affordable options that you may search for without compromising on your comfort and the results derived.

Does insurance provide coverage?

LASIK eye surgical procedure is stated to be elective. Most insurance plans are found to not include this surgery. Few plans might offer extended eye-care plans to help meet surgical expenses. You may even discuss with your employer to find out if your office can bear full or part of the expenses. Some employers are known to offer special rates to their employees to visit certain clinic to avail LASIK surgery.

Do you need to take off from work after undergoing the procedure?

Yes! Following this procedure, most patients will require some bed rest for a couple of days. Some patients are found to join their work in just 2-3 days after their surgery and did not report any complaints of discomfort. This was noticed mostly among those engaged in sedentary jobs. After the surgery, it will be necessary to rest your eyes. Hence, you should stay away from bright light, TV, smartphone, computer and other devices.

Is it a painful procedure?

For most patients, this surgical remedy is painless and quick. Treatment for each eye might take just 1-2 minutes. Drops are applied on the eye to numb it to carry out the procedure. You will be awake the whole time without experiencing any kind of pain. Mild sedative is enough for those feeling uncomfortable about this surgery. You can walk out once the procedure completes. It is better to have someone known accompany you home following the procedure.

Choose the best eye surgeon and hospital

To ensure the best results, you need to get the procedure done by reputed and experienced eye surgeon having sufficient domain experience. Also, the hospital chosen should be well-established and known for using the latest medical instruments to provide quality results. The very moment you walk into the place, you should feel fully comfortable.


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