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How Satisfied Are People With Their Laser Eye Surgery?

We live in a world where half of the population suffers from vision problems. The refractive errors, or what we know as vision problems range from presbyopia, astigmatism, nearsightedness, to farsightedness. But thanks to the medical advances and technology enhancements, people can now bid good bye to their vision problems permanently and get rid of those foggy mornings, blurred vision, squinting and expensive eye glasses or contact lenses with the help of Laser Eye Surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery: A New Life

Laser Eye Surgery is a safe procedure relieving patients from the pain of wearing glasses, changing contacts and hazy days. It gives a new life to those who have been struggling with their vision. Not only do they get to be free from frames, but also get to participate in activities that were once a trouble for them.

Okay, so let’s take up a situation! Your day starts with wearing glasses or putting on lenses to carry out the day.You end your day with keeping them in a safe corner near your bed side so that you can get hold of them again the next morning. This goes on for years and one day it all changes. You wake up and see everything crystal clear before you. No more spends on glasses or lenses, no more worries of taking your frames off or removing your contacts before sleeping. That’s what Laser Eye Surgery gives you: a new life!

Who Can Go For Laser Eye Surgery?

However amazing this medical treatment may be, Laser Treatment is not for just anyone. One must meet a set of eligibility criteria to qualify for the surgery.

The list for eligibility for Laser Eye Treatment includes:

Age: The biggest factor in determining whether a person can go for the treatment or not. The Candidate must be 18 years or above to get the Laser Treatment.

Eye Condition: If a person faces the problem of dry eyes often, he cannot qualify for the treatment. Dry eyes could be common in people who use contact lenses for a longer period of time or naturally. Other eye conditions may include strabismus or muscle conditions, amblyopia or lazy eye, etc.

Vision Stability:Stable vision is extremely important to determine the power of the candidate’s eyes. The Lasik Candidate must have a stable vision for minimum one year before getting the treatment done. During this period of one year or more, the candidate must not have even the slightest change in his eye power.

Eye Health: A set of tests are performed before going for the final treatment to check for the health of the candidate’s eyes. He must not have any eye problem like cataracts, diseases with the optic nerve or cornea, glaucoma, or retinal issues. He must also not have any eye injury or infections.

Eye Condition: In order to be eligible for the Laser Eye Surgery, the candidate must not have certain eye conditions, especially Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster.

Pregnancy: Laser Eye Surgery cannot be performed during the pregnancy or nursing period. This is because during pregnancy, the body goes under several changes and hormonal imbalances. These may affect the candidate’s prescription leading to a greater risk than solution!

Contact Lenses: For the purpose of corneal stability and correct assessment for prescription, the candidate is asked to stop wearing lenses for a certain period of time before performing the surgery. The time duration may vary from individual to individual as per doctor’s recommendation.

Eye Problems: If the candidate has had a history of medical issues related with eyes, he must discuss clearly with the doctor before proceeding with the treatment. Any mental conditions must also be discussed with the doctor as it may affect the candidate’s prescription.

Success Rates for Laser Eye Surgery

The success rate for Laser surgery has shown a significant improvement since it was approved by FDA back in 1996. As per the latest survey and statistics, Laser Eye Treatment has a remarkable success rate of 96%!! Laser surgery is one of the most favored treatments today to not only improve the eye vision but also the quality of life on the whole!

And with the technical advances and avant-garde tools, Lasik Surgery is considered as one of the safest medical processes to correct vision. However, as with other medical treatments, complications may occur post operation. But that can be covered and handled easily with the help of the doctor’s prescribed processes and medicines, if any.

Should I Consider Lasik Surgery Safe?

Despite the whooping number of successful cases and ever-increasing percent of success rate, we do get to hear this question: Is Laser Treatment Reliable? Is it safe?

Till date, more than 32 million procedures have been done all over the world. In countries like the UK and the US, a large chunk of their population is dependent on Laser surgeries to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. And this isn’t it, the number of eye procedures are increasing incessantly year after year as it is mostly a painless process with a fast recovery time for a specs-free life!

Also, when compared the cost of a single laser surgery against a cumulative amount of spends made on glasses and lenses till date, laser treatment comes out to be not just less expensive but also with a permanent solution for a number of refractive errors. That’s why people consider and should consider Laser surgery to eliminate dependency on glasses and contact lenses for clarity of vision.

Are People Satisfied With Their Lasik Surgery

With over 96% cases being successful, it is quite obvious for people being more than satisfied with their results. However, the same may vary from case to case depending upon their prior medical history or how well they take care of their eyes post operation. Consult a doctor before you opt for getting a laser surgery done for your eyes. Get the required tests done, follow the doctors diligently, sacrifice a few days of lenses if required, and prepare yourself to enter a new life altogether! It’s that good a feeling when you enter the operation hall.

But a word for advice would be to all of you reading this, make sure you get your treatment only from reliable sources such as Contoura Vision to get your laser done by industrial experts and team highly knowledgeable doctors.

Look around, things have been changing at crazy speed. The question is, are you waiting for changes to happen or are you going to be the change? Are you going to see your friends bid goodbye to their life in frames? Or, are you going to suffer more while preparing yourself for that one fine day to come when you can clearly see everything without lenses which may never come this way?! Choice is yours!


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