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Eye 7 Introduces Contoura Vision as a Premium Laser Specs Removal Procedure: Beyond LASIK, beyond SM

The millennials are a generation that want it all, and they will settle for nothing less than the best. This is also true for their expectations when it comes to vision correction, and freedom from glasses. 20/20 vision without glasses is no longer just a dream, but actually the least that is expected of laser vision correction. Premium vision correction surgeries like Contoura Vision LASIK are becoming more and more popular, because this generation understands the importance of quality of life, and is happy to bear the incremental expense, for better quality of vision for a lifetime.

Keeping this in mind, the Eye 7 group of hospitals has introduced the first ever Contoura Vision Topography-Guided Laser Correction in Delhi- NCR, which is a premium laser specs removal procedure, beyond LASIK, and beyond SMILE.

The US FDA trials evaluated the technology for clinical safety and effectiveness, the results of which captured the imagination of patients and refractive surgeons alike. The Contoura Vision received US FDA approval for a commercial launch in early 2016, and was launched in New Delhi by the Eye7 group in the very next year.

What is so special about Contoura Vision LASIK?

Contoura Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment system, that is, the LASIK is guided in great detail by the individual surface characteristics or topography of the cornea. In fact, the topography system images and documents over 20,000 data points on your corneal surface, and a complex computerized algorithm treats each one of them individually, to provide crystal clear and precise vision, with minimal distortions or aberrations.

In fact, in the FDA trials, 30% of the patients had better vision than they had ever achieved with their glasses or contact lenses, and 40% patients had vision better than normal 6/6 or 20/20 (called super vision). The patients also reported a significant decrease in annoying visual symptoms like glare, sensitivity to light, and difficulty in driving at night.

In addition to this, since the Contoura Vision LASIK uses the Femtosecond LASIK platform,the procedure remains bladeless which reassures the patients. Eye surgeons the world over are raving about the comfort of use of this technology because it is associated with the fastest tracker which ensures proper centration of the customized ablation, on the visual axis, each time.

As clinical experience in real world situations as well as clinical is being communicated, Contoura Vision LASIK is fast emerging as the clear choice for premium vision correction, beyond LASIK and SMILE.

The Eye 7 founder director, Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary says he was prompted into acquiring the technology because of the overwhelming evidence proving that Contoura Vision is much beyond Conventional LASIK, Femto LASIK and SMILE. In fact, Contoura Vision has all of the advantages of Femto LASIK, along with the customized topography advantage, and none of the drawbacks of SMILE.

Quality of vision: Patients expect more than just freedom from glasses and 6/6 vision

Contoura Vision treatment has consistently given patients perfect vision, with much less side effects. As per the FDA results, as many as 40% patients have reported vision better than 6/6 (called super vision, since it is much better than normal for human beings), while others have reported that 64% patients have achieved 20/16 vision or better, and 34% achieved 20/12.5. This kind of vision has never been achieved by the other premium surgeries for laser vision correction, both in terms of quality of vision, with significantly reduced visual aberrations.In real terms, not only is your vision perfect, that is 6/6 or even better, it comes with the added advantage of no annoying visual disturbances like glare, halos, difficulty in night time driving and reading etcetera.

Experts agree that the vision correction with Contoura Vision LASIK is better than that offered by any other currently available technology, making it the safest and the most precise technology available for specs removal.

Correction of Astigmatism or Cylindrical Power:

The real test of any refractive surgery platform is its precision in correcting astigmatism or cylindrical power. Contoura Vision is very effective in managing astigmatism, in fact, it has been approved by the US FDA for correcting up to 3 Diopters of astigmatism. On the other hand, SMILE has been approved for correction of only 0.5 Diopter of astigmatism, limiting its use in patients with mixed refractive errors.

Dry eyes

Advocates of SMILE have been talking of its added advantage in patients with dry eye, as an index of its superiority. Clinical trials have shown that with real world data, SMILE offers no real advantage in terms of dry eyes, as compared to Contoura Vision. Researchers have found no difference in the requirement and frequency of use of lubricating eye drops after both SMILE and Contoura Vision. This means Contoura Vision is at least as good as SMILE for dry eye patients, if not better.

Patient expectations and delight

Almost all surgeons and patients, who have experienced the Contoura Vision LASIK advantage, talk of the “wow factor”. Vision recovery after Contoura Vision is almost instant, and patients walk out of the hospital within hours of the laser vision correction smiling, delighted by their crystal clear vision, just like after Femto LASIK. Compare it with SMILE, where the patient and surgeon experience at least two to three days of associated anxiety, before satisfactory vision is attained.

Verdict from patients and doctors

In this era of designer custom-wear and customization of each and every amenity to an individuals’ needs, Contoura Vision really offers the benefit of customized laser vision correction. The verdict from patients and doctors alike is very clear, when considering quality of vision after premium laser vision correction, Contoura Vision LASIK results are much beyond SMILE and LASIK.

There is enough evidence from research, clinical trials and real patients to establish Contoura Vision LASIK as the clear leader in the laser vision correction landscape. There is no doubt that the other surgeries for premium vision correction, Femtosecond LASIK and SMILE are integral to refractive practice, but Contoura Vision is fast becoming the first choice for patients, as well as surgeons.

Contoura Vision LASIK technology has been introduced in Delhi by Eye 7 hospitals, and has also been recently acquired by Dr. R P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences at AIIMS, which the apex eye center of the country.


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