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Can Somebody Help Me Find the Best Eye Specialist in Delhi NCR?

Looking for the best eye doctor in Delhi? Don’t worry, help is at hand! But before we proceed, here is a word of caution: just as is true of any other relationship, the doctor-patient relationship also is based on complete trust and honesty. So, once you choose your eye doctor in Delhi, make sure you completely trust him or her, and are absolutely honest with your doctor about your health, medical history and vision needs. This will enable your doctor to provide you the best medical care, and help solve your problems better.

Best Eye Specialist in Delhi

The best eye doctor for you is one you can trust, and one who has the credentials to treat your particular problem. Here are the attributes of the best eye specialist in Delhi:

  1. Qualifications and training in the super specialty required

  2. Adequate experience in the field

  3. Integrity and compassion

  4. Access to superior technology and operation theatre

  5. Amiable and competent paramedical staff and technicians

Naming one doctor as the best eye doctor in Delhi just isn’t possible. For example, Dr Sanjay Chaudhary is the best option if you are considering Lasik surgery since he has access and experience with all the premium variants of Lasik, including Contoura Vision technology, but he may not be the best retina surgeon. Similarly, Dr Lalit Verma at Centre for Sight is a brilliant retina surgeon, but a poor choice for laser vision correction and spectacle removal.

Best Eye Hospital in Delhi

Similarly, the best eye hospital also is relative. While most of the big and famous eye hospitals are equipped with the latest machines, and have experienced surgeons, here is what you must remember when choosing your eye hospital:

  1. Ease of access and approachability of staff members including doctors

  2. Access to technology, machines and training

  3. Quality of doctors in terms of experience and accessibility

  4. Overall vision of the eye hospital with respect to patient care and medical ethics

  5. Affordability of the hospital

If you keep all of these in mind except for ease of access to medical services and doctors, AIIMS is the clear winner. But if you keep all of these factors in mind, the best eye hospital in Delhi would be Eye 7 hospitals since it’s just more approachable and accessible, even though you have to pay for services there, and AIIMS doctors do not charge you for consultations (there is a nominal registration fee only). Similarly, if you need SLT, Eye 7 is not the hospital for you, since they lack the technology, and you will need to go to Shroff’s eye hospital instead. But if you need high end Lasik like Contoura Vision, Eye 7 hospitals is the best choice, since Shroff’s doesn’t have access to the machine at all.

How do I choose the best doctor in Delhi?

This article can only guide you to making the correct choice, and help you narrow down your choices. Beyond that, you will need to actually meet with the doctor and trust your instincts before deciding if your doctor indeed is the best eye doctor in Delhi. Here are some general guidelines:

1. Research online: Read carefully the credentials of the doctor you are choosing. Look at the patient testimonials, and the reviews online. Also look at how active the doctor is on academic fronts. Any surgeon who is responsible for training a lot of doctors is obviously good enough. Look if the doctor is invited to deliver a lot of talks in conferences that is another indication of his or her proficiency.

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2. Talk to people: Talk to your friends and family if they have someone they can recommend. Ask you family doctor for a recommendation. Look for an eye hospital, not very far from your home, but for serious ailments and surgeries, do not be daunted by distance alone.

3. Talk to the hospital: If you call a hospital and are treated with compassion and respect, it speaks a lot for the institution.

4. Meet the doctor: Finally, once you’ve decided on a doctor, go and meet with him or her, with complete faith. In case you have an experience which is less than satisfactory, talk to your doctor and tell him/ her your grievances. If you are still not satisfied, shift to another doctor.