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Best Entropion Lower Eyelid Surgery Treatment in Delhi India

Entropion results when the eyelid is rolled inward toward the eye, this results in discomfort, and often, frequent infections. Entropion is usually an age related change, due to lack of muscle tone and loss of fat from around the eyes, but it can happen due to trauma, infections and other causes too. Entropion surgery is often synonymous with the lower lid surgery in common parlance.

What are the causes of entropion?

  • Ageing: Most cases of entropion are due to loss of muscle tone, and sagging of skin due to loss of surrounding fat

  • Scarring: This scarring can be due to trauma, lacerations, chemical or thermal burns. Previous lid surgeries, lid infections, trachoma and tumors may also result in entropion.

  • Congenital: Rarely entropion can be present at birth due to malformation of eyelids.

What are the symptoms of entropion?

  • Inward turning of the eyelids,

  • eyelashes directed inwards, maybe rubbing the cornea

  • Irritation, redness and pain in the eye

  • Excessive tearing, mucous or pus like discharge with matting of eyelids

  • Light sensitivity, sore and sensitive eyes

In case entropion is ignored, it can cause complications which present with a separate set of symptoms. These include:

  • Corneal abrasions, infection or ulcer all of which are extremely painful and can potentially cause decrease in vision

  • Corneal scarring which is a cause for loss of vision and presents as whiteness of the cornea

It is therefore important to see your doctor in case you notice any distortion of your lid margin and/ or misdirection of eyelashes.

What is the best Entropion Lower Eyelid Surgery/ Treatment?

The treatment of entropion is primarily surgical. The principle of entropion of the lower lid is as follows:

  1. Tighten the eyelid and its attachments, to restore muscle strength

  2. Restore the lid to its normal position.

Based on these principles, the treatment of entropion may


  1. Incisional: In which a cut is made followed by other resection or plication of the eyelid muscles/ tarsal plate.

  2. Non incisional repair: In which sutures are placed in such a manner so as to enable eversion of the lid, restoring it normal anatomical position, without any cuts. This is an excellent option for those patients who are unfit for surgery.

In both cases, the treatment of entropion/ lid surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, and the recovery period varies between a week or two, depending on would healing in case of incisional repair.

Where can I get the best entropion (lower eyelid surgery) treatment in Delhi, India?

When deciding on the best treatment and surgeon, it is important to keep in mind the following factors.

  • When choosing a surgeon to perform entropion surgery, you must make sure you go to an eye doctor who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. These doctors are specially trained in plastic surgery of the eye, and are called Oculoplasty surgeons, and can ensure excellent functional and cosmetic results. Oculoplasty surgeons have extensive experience in managing problems related to the eyelid, orbit and the tear gland and drainage system.

  • You must also make sure that the operating oculoplasty surgeon is affiliated to a hospital which has adequate access to modern equipment and post-operative care. Since entropion is usually a disease of the elderly, it is essential to know that the operating surgeon has access to emergency medical facilities and anesthesia back up.

There is no doubt that the best entropion surgery/ treatment is available in Delhi, India. In fact, Delhi is the hub of medical tourism, with patients from all over the world seeking treatment of entropion and other eyelid disorders here, at an affordable price.

While almost every eye center in Delhi offers entropion surgery services, if you were to choose the best, it would be logical to choose from one of the bigger and more established eye centers since their eye surgeons have the best equipment, anesthesia back-up, experience and training. While it is difficult to arrive at one “best treatment for entropion surgery” option, we would recommend Eye7


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