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Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Laser Eye Surgeon

A range of refractive surgeries is carried out in order to correct the common vision problems. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism are some of the eye disorders which have increased dependency upon eyeglasses and contact lenses. In the recent few years, another type of refractive surgery has become popular across the globe known as LASIK. Contact lenses and corrective glasses are good but if it’s possible to completely solve the eyesight disorder through surgery, then surely surgery is a better option.

What is LASIK surgery?

Now, let us briefly understand what LASIK surgery actually is. This is a type of laser eye surgery which improves eyesight by removing the corneal tissue with the help of excimer laser in order to reshape cornea. Most of the refractive errors are rectified with LASIK eye surgery. It can greatly reduce and in most of the cases, even eliminates the need for the corrective glasses or contact lenses. In LASIK, a thin and hinged flap is created. With advanced technologies, thinner flaps are developed; people with thinner corneas are also able to get LASIK done! The best part about LASIK is that when the procedure is completed there is absolutely no discomfort.

Types of LASIK Procedures

On the basis of how the flap is created, there are different types of LASIK surgeries done. Procedural steps provide a basis to categorize different types of LASIK surgeries. Major types of LASIK are mentioned below:

  • Epi-LASIK

  • Bladeless LASIK


  • Wavefront LASIK

All the above-mentioned LASIK procedures are slightly different from each other. Surgeons or more specifically ophthalmologists examine the kind of LASIK surgery which will be most suitable to rectify the disorder. It is necessary to seek a surgeon who is experienced in the field of Laser Eye Surgery.

How to choose a Laser Eye Surgeon?

Let us admit that this is a daunting decision enough to switch from the corrective lenses or glasses to ‘surgery’. Deciding to get Laser Eye Surgery is half battle done. Choosing the best surgeon is another half of it. It is of the utmost importance to choose a proficient surgeon for the Laser Eye Surgery. It is advised to scrutinize each and every option when it comes to trusting someone with your ‘vision’. There might be a lot of local surgeons who might appear ideal for getting your Laser Surgery but it’s certainly not an option to choose one blindly. Here are a few steps mentioned which may help you choose an eye surgeon:


The first and foremost thing you should practice while looking for an ideal ophthalmologist is to ‘compare’. Now, this can be done by setting up consultations. Setting up multiple consultations at different clinics will provide you an overview of:

  1. How they work.

  2. Cost differentials

  3. Their experience

  4. Practice environments

These things are necessary in order to understand how effectively they can carry out the entire surgery. By evaluating different options, it will be easy for you to pick out the best of them all.


As a matter of fact, we have always followed the word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. Traditional referrals have always proven out to be very useful. Always consult with the eye surgeons with whom any of your family members has had a positive experience. Also, you can try consulting with an ophthalmologist whom your eye doctor refers to. The recommendations from trusted sources have always been beneficial.

Online Reviews

We are living in a technologically advanced era and we make the most of it. Now that we have an ease of accessing everything from the internet, finding the best eye surgeon has become convenient. You can find an ideal ophthalmologist for your surgery by finding reviews online. If you have decided to get a Laser eye surgery done from any of your local eye clinics, you can easily access the reviews and decide. However, online reviews and recommendations should not act as a determining factor.

Experienced Surgeon

Being a patient, you should always seek medical help of an eye surgeon who has an experience in the Laser Eye Surgery Procedure. The ophthalmologist should be a qualified surgeon and should be a registered physician.

Quality Satisfaction

Whichever surgeon are you opting to get your treatment done, will they guarantee satisfaction? It is mandatory that the surgeon should commit to providing results which are satisfactory.

The Equipment Involvement

After considering all the factors, your choices might have narrowed down a lot. From here, the determining factors can be the involvement of equipment in the entire process. It is imperative to ask the ophthalmologists of what the procedure will be and how what equipments will they be using. Latest technologies call for a proficient treatment!


A lot of eye clinics and centers for refractive surgeries advertise in print as well as social media. Some ads are informative while others are promotional. Some of these offer ample pricing while others are a hard blow upon one’s pocket. However, advertising should not be the only determining factor while considering an eye surgeon but yes, it helps to an extent.

Apart from these factors, there are a lot of factors which can prove out to be helpful while seeking an ophthalmologist. Also, it is important to look out for those eye surgeons who have a greater staff to assist them. You should search the best eye surgeons in your area and read about their doctors on the provided websites. In addition to these, you should ask some questions prior to your surgery.

Ask your surgeon is if they charge extra and if there is any enhancement required? It happens in some cases that there are some glitches during or after the surgery. For the worst-case scenario, ask them if they provide help regarding any complication which may occur while the surgery is going on and even after that. Be wise and consult the ophthalmologist who is proficient over all the above-parameters.


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