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What is the cost of Lasik eye surgery in Delhi?

There is a moment in everyone’s life when even contact lenses and eyeglasses get irritating and too much to use. The constant jitteriness, the continuous changing on lenses at regular intervals, all the precaution required when going out, the regular cleaning of the lenses with a cloth or contact lenses solution, at some point, it just gets too much. This is exactly where LASIK comes into the play. The LASIK eye surgery provides a vital and sustainable alternative to the troublesome and problematic soft contact lenses and eyeglasses. The LASIK eye surgery treats all types of known refractive ocular issues commonly known as myopia, hyperopia, and last but not the least, astigmatism. Many people do not realize but these refractive errors are nothing but symptoms of age or a result of you coping up with the challenges that arise due to the way you use your eyes in your day to day life. What LASIK eye surgery does is that it offers you an approach to live a life where you do not need the help of any type of spectacles or lenses to improve your vision. Yes, you read it right! You never have to use glasses or contact lenses ever again.

Understanding the Cause

Your ability to see totally depends on the very fact that your eyes refract the rays of light that get reflected from other objects. An issue or a refractive error surfaces when the light rays are not refracted or bent at the perfect angle. This gives rise to refractive irregularities namely farsightedness or hyperopia, nearsightedness or myopia, and of course astigmatism. These refractive errors can be fixed either temporarily by prescription glasses or by contact lenses, or by surgical methods like the LASIK eye surgery. The LASIK surgery is not only a permanent solution to all kinds of refractive errors but also the most successful one with an astonishing success rate of 99.99 percent.

The error occurs when the light that passes through the cornea is not bent at the perfect angle. This is because of the improper shape of the cornea. This is exactly what the LASIK eye surgery works on. A few other factors that will help you understand this better are as follows –

• The length of the eye – This may not seem much of a reason to be able to affect the refractive capabilities of the cornea but in reality, it does. The length of the eye does affect the cornea’s ability to refract light. If the eye is too long, it can cause nearsightedness and if it too short it can cause farsightedness.

• The corneal curvature – the curvature plays an important role as well. The curvature of the lens at the front of the eyes needs to be in a perfect spherical form. In case the curvature of the cornea is irregular, the image formed on the retina would not be accurate and thus the refractive error.

• The lens curvature – When the shape of the cornea and the shape of the lens fall in perfect alignment, the image formed is perfect. But there can still be an irregularity if there lends is too flat or steep. In case the lens is too steep, the person can experience nearsightedness and if the lens is too flat it can cause farsightedness.

What the LASIK eye surgery does is that it provides a clear-cut path for the light to refract in the correct angle and then provide the perfect vision. This will allow you to achieve complete freedom from glasses as well as contact lenses.

Want To Know the Cost of Lasik Surgery in Delhi

In a place like Delhi, business is on a completely different scale of completion. This is, however, not entirely a bad thing. It also opens up the possibility of a broad range of prices for a surgery like the LASIK eye surgery. This cost, however, is not just. There are several institutions and organizations that charge unjustifiable amounts of money for this eye surgery and that is just not acceptable. The idea is to provide people with the best services at the best prices not loot their lifelong earned money.

It is also important that you choose your surgeon properly. Not choosing a proper and qualified surgeon can lead to a big blunder. What you need to do is your own research on the best places to get your LASIK eye surgery done and also keep an eye on the cost of the LASIK eye surgery in Delhi.

The LASIK eye surgery is basically a corrective surgery that aims at altering certain elements in the eye so that people can obtain the perfect vision. The procedure is intricate and delicate. Any advancement is only made after a thorough and rigorous evaluation your eyes and overall health. The evaluation simply determines that whether you are a fit candidate for the surgical process or not. The cost of this surgical procedure varies from place to place but at Alcon Contoura Vision, we take our customers and their needs in a rather personalized way. We understand that vision is one of the most precious gifts that Mother Nature has provided us with and that everyone desires for a good and flawless vision. Our sole motive here is to provide you with the vision of your dreams.

Hope you liked what you read and it helped you understand the intricacies of the LASIK eye surgery and gave you an idea of the cost as well.

of the cost as well.


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