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What happens in retinal barrage laser before Lasik eye surgery?

For retinal laser treatment, we will dilate your eyes with mydriatic drops. It is an out patient procedure done in sitting position using a slit lamp microscope and green laser light. Topical anesthetic drops will be used to anesthetize your eye. The patient positions his/her head on the slit lamp microscope and a hand held contact lens is placed on the cornea using a lubricating jelly to focus the laser light on the retina. Laser burns are applied around the lattices/holes to demarcate the lesions form the rest of the retina.

The procedure is usually painless; however some patients may appreciate some discomfort/pain after the laser procedure, which responds well to non-steroidal analgesic (pain killing) agents. Dilatation of the eye results in blurring of near vision, which gets restored within 3-4 hours as the effect of the medication.

After the laser procedure, you need to usually wait for 10-14 days for the laser scar to heal and strengthen. Once the healing is complete, you can undergo Lasik surgery for your eyes.


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