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What happens during Lasik screening pre workups tests?

Before the actual LASIK surgery begins at the operation theatre, there is a multitude of tasks that play their individual roles in order to contribute to the larger picture. In this write-up, we will go deep inside the subject matter and ponder upon the various tests that are conducted prior to the actual surgery.

1. The Patient’s History

Motive Of Opting For surgery

You need to have a good reason to get a LASIK eye surgery. From a doctor’s perspective, it is important to know the motive that the patient has before actually undergoing the LASIK procedure. After these questions and queries have been resolved, the doctors and surgeons can have a better understanding as to why the patient wants to have the surgery as well as what type of surgery would suit the patient’s needs.

Past History

Doctors always prefer to have a brief history check on the patients just to make sure that there are no unwanted complications during the actual surgery. A medical history also ensures that the entire surgical process is carried out without any unpredicted uncertainty. Diseases of systemic nature bring alternations to the natural healing process. Likewise, patients with conditions associated with high risk need to be treated differently from the others.

Medication Of Any Type

Different medicines have a different type of effect on the body’s healing process. Some medicines may cause the healing of the cornea to slow down. These factors must be taken into consideration in order to make sure that the patient recovers as quickly as possible and there are no complications post the LASIK surgery. Certain medicines may cause the drying of the corneal surface, certain medicines may cause the slowing of the healing of the cornea, and certain medicines may boost bacterial activities.

Surgical Histories

Doctors will also need to know any surgeries in the eyes that may have taken place in the past. Past records of medical surgeries are important as they may lead to unwanted and undesired complications. At times, people tend to forget about any past surgeries. This behavioral pattern should be avoided in order to ensure a smooth and hurdle-less LASIK eye operation.

Social Histories

Social antics are also taken into consideration. Habits like smoking and drinking can possibly affect the healing process and delay the achievement of the perfect vision. Lifestyle choices also influence the overall healing speed when all the factors are taken into consideration. Other queries may include the participation in sports and adventure activities which may have an impact on the flap of the cornea.

Family Histories

When it comes to making sure of the safety of the patient after the LASIK eye surgery, everything is taken into consideration. And that also includes a history of family health problems. For instance, in case multiple family members have issues in their cornea or if many family members have had corneal transplants in the past, it may be that there is a chance of keratoconus being there. Thus, additional precautions must be taken.

2. Physical Examinations

Visual Accuracy

Both visual acuities, that is, corrected as well as uncorrected visual acuities are taken into consideration.


A rigorous manifest refraction checkup is done at the beginning which is followed by a comparison with a cycloplegic refraction. Having the results of both the checkups helps the surgeons to identify the patients with specific conditions like hyperopia, myopia etc.

Examination Of Eye

Prior to the actual LASIK surgery, a complete eye checkup is conducted. This checkup includes a posterior dilated exam as well as a tonometry exam. Special emphasis is given to the posterior section of the exams. A Lid examination is also conducted in order to check if the patient has Lid disease. In case Lid disease is present, treatment of the disease is necessary. Following this, the focus is put on the cornea and the conjunctiva. The eyes are scanned for keratitis and dryness in the eyes. After this, the doctors keep an eye for irregularities in the cornea like anterior basement membrane dystrophy. Any type of scars or excessive vascularization would indicate past bruises or infections. The lens should also be checked for any types of cataract formations. When it comes to the patients with myopia, it is imperative to perform a peripheral test in order to look for any holes or tears. In case there are any tears, they should be treated by a retinal expert before the commencement of the LASIK surgery.

3. Testing for LASIK

Dry Eye Test

People who already suffer from ocular dryness will have more problems after the LASIK eye surgery as the eyes tend to be drier during the healing phase. In case ocular dryness is present, the necessary treatment shall be started immediately.

Contrast Sensitivity Test

These tests are conducted by surgeons and doctors to determine the level of functional vision of the patient. Tests like the Mars Letter Contrast Sensitivity Test and the Hamilton Veale contrast Sensitivity Test are used to do this.

Pupil Test

This test is done to determine the pupil size in the dark. The size of the pupil can be measured way better in the darkness with dedicated devices. It is an imperative test because people with larger than usual pupil sizes may experience halos or glares post the LASIK eye surgery.


This test deals with measuring the thickness of the cornea. It is important as it helps people make an informed decision as to whether want to proceed with the LASIK surgery or not because it happens to be that people with the corneas have a tendency to develop ectasia.

Corneal Topography

This is a critical three-dimensional evaluation to help map the surface of the cornea. This test is helpful in detecting a variety of corneal irregularities. In case of the presence of irregularities, LASIK may not be recommended as it may lead to complete loss of vision.

Wavefront Analysis

The wavefront testing procedure helps point out the irregularities that are categorized as highly critical. A standard LASIK procedure cannot be undertaken in the case of people with high amounts of the aforementioned irregularities.

Hope the above-mentioned information was helpful.


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