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Considering Cataract Surgery? Get Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery

Once you’ve been diagnosed with cataract, and advised surgery, the obvious question is when to go ahead with surgery, and which surgeon to choose. Well, if those two questions are sorted, and you have decided to go ahead with the surgery, the next question of which surgery to choose, is an easy one to answer. When considering cataract surgery, the choice is simple: Get Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery.

What is Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery?

During cataract surgery, your surgeon makes a tiny (approximately 2.5mm) incision in your eye to remove the clouded, cataractous natural lens of the eye, and implants an. artificial, customized lens inside the eye. In traditional cataract surgery, called phacoemulsification, all of these steps are carried out manually, except for the removal of the lens, using the phaco machine. The latest cataract surgery technique, called Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery automates this process. In this, all incisions in the eye are made using a very accurate and precise, state of the art Femtosecond Laser. Therefore, when considering cataract surgery, Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is fast becoming the preferred choice.

Why is Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery the best option when considering cataract surgery?

When considering cataract surgery, there are two major determinants which should guide your decision making. Safety of the technique is foremost, and the quality of vision achieved, next.

Based on these two criteria, Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery has become the first choice of patients and eye surgeons, worldwide.

Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is very precise and accurate. Since Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is fully automated, its precision and safety are obviously higher than the manual procedure. In fact, when considering cataract surgery, you must remember that Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery offers excellent visual outcome with recovery within a few hours of surgery.

Safer and more precise surgery: The following steps of cataract surgery are fully automated and carried out by a very sophisticated laser, guided by a state of the art computer. In traditional cataract surgery, all of these steps are carried out manually by the surgeon.

1. Capsulotomy: Capsulotomy is a small circular opening is made on the anterior capsule or covering of the cataractous lens. When this is fully automated, it is completely stable, central and circular which ensures the perfect position of your implanted intraocular lens. This means better quality of vision after surgery.

2. Lens Fragmentation: In this process, the cataract is broken into smaller pieces which can be removed from the eye by suction with ease. Automation means this process becomes safer and easier for the surgeon also.

3. Incisions: All the incisions are made using the laser, which makes them highly accurate, precise and blade free. This is an added advantage for patients who are scared of a knife near the eye. The more precise incisions also mean faster and better healing, and less distortion of the cornea.

4. Correction of Astigmatism or cylindrical power during surgery: Since the Femtosecond Laser incisions are so precise, the eye surgeon can actually manage your astigmatic error or cylindrical power during the surgical process, which is an added advantage.

5. Robotic surgery: Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is completely automated, guided by a sophisticated computer which is controlled by the surgeon. Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is truly a robotic surgery.

6. Premium lenses: Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is compatible with all the premium lenses, and is best suited for premium lenses, ensuring that all the benefits with respect to quality of vision and lack of aberrations are enjoyed by the patient completely.

7. Less chances of infections: The most important factor for considering Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is that the better wound healing means less chance of Infections. This is because the incision is more precise without any jagged edges which prompts better and faster healing.

8. Better quality of vision: As discussed above, better incisions, better capsulotomy mean less visual aberrations, and decreased side effects like haloes and ghost images.

When considering Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is cost an issue?

Yes, Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is more expensive than traditional cataract surgery, and when you are considering cataract surgery, this must be a question bothering you. The incremental cost of Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is not so much that it is unaffordable, especially given its numerous advantages. In fact, the technology is available in Delhi at a price that is less than half to one third, as compared to the rest of the world. Currently, most hospitals offer the surgery at an approximate cost of 75-100,000 INR, which is a fraction of its cost outside India.

In Delhi, the surgery is offered at all of the larger eye hospitals and the best options for Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery, all things considered, is:

  1. Eye 7 hospitals: Private eye hospitial


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