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Common Lasik Fears and Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid

More often than not, what stops people from seeking LASIK are fears and myths around the surgery. These fears, though not based in fact, are not entirely irrational: you have good vision with glasses, and are yet seeking surgery for what people might call cosmetic reasons. But the truth is, the positive impact that LASIK, and consequently freedom from glasses, has on your quality of life is immense, which means the surgery has life changing functional benefits also.

These article will address the most common LASIK fears and also tell you why you shouldn't be afraid of seeking better vision without your glasses.

Fear Number 1-LASIK is painful

Truth- Your doctor uses anesthetic drops during surgery. No injections or general anesthesia. These drops make your eye numb, which means you do not feel anything. Some patients do report that they felt a bit of pressure during LASIK, but everyone agrees that the surgery is not painful. You remain pain free after LASIK in the postoperative period, and it is rare to need any medication than an over the counter, oral painkiller immediately after the procedure. Also the recovery of vision after surgery is almost immediate, even though perfect vision may need a week or two.

Remember, LASIK is painless, and this fear should not deter you from seeking freedom from glasses.

Fear Number 2-LASIK can make you blind

Truth- As per reported US FDA data, which approves a device for use on patients after extensive testing of efficacy and safety, not a single case of blindness has been reported by LASIK. In fact, the rate of any serious complications after or during LASIK is 1 in hundred, and that too can be treated.

Yes, LASIK can have complications and side effects, but they are not blinding. In case of sub optimal results, very rarely, you may need a repeat procedure called enhancement, and you may need some eye drops after surgery to get perfect vision. Beyond that, LASIK is a completely safe and effective surgery. This is one of the most common LASIK fears and why you shouldn't be afraid is because there has been a wealth of experience with LASIK, with no reports of blindness caused by the surgery.

Fear Number 3-LASIK uses knives to cut up the eye

Truth- No knives or blades are used doing LASIK. Conventional LASIK uses a mechanized device called microkeratome which raises the corneal flap, which though a blade, isn’t anything like your kitchen knife. Femto LASIK or Bladefree LASIK or All Laser LASIK, as well as Contoura Vision LASIK, which are premium variants of LASIK, use a high speed laser is used to make the corneal flap, making the surgery even more safe and effective.

Again, knives in the eye during LASIK is one of the most common LASIK fears and why you shouldn't be afraid is because with advancement in technology, it has now become possible to perform Lasik surgery without the use of any mechanical knives and blades. Even conventional LASIK is with a mechanized microkeratome, while the premium variants of LASIK use ultra-sophisticated lasers.

Fear Number 4- Cost of LASIK is very high

Truth- Yes, LASIK surgery comes at a cost. Premium variants of LASIK like Contoura Vision, Femto LASIK and SMILE are more expensive than conventional LASIK. But if you were to look at the costs of glasses and contact lenses over a lifetime, you will be surprised to know that LASIK is actually cheaper in the long run.

LASIK proves to be cheaper than glasses and contact lenses over a lifetime, even when you do not factor in the quality of life improvement after the surgery, and all the opportunities that may become available to you after LASIK. In addition, LASIK in India is much cheaper than abroad. So if the common LASIK fear that is holding you back is cost, you should not be afraid.

should not be afraid.

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