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10 Things to Know Before Getting Lasik Eye Surgery

The LASIK eye surgery is getting more and more popular as the days go by. The procedure is much simpler and way easier to do perform. But there are still so many questions that remain to be answered. People are still confused about the whole procedure and tend to seek information from different sources. This write-up is especially dedicated to those people who have little to no idea as to what LASIK is all about.

There are many things that one needs to understand about LASIK. The pre-requisites, the essentials, the additional costs, the pros, the cons, and various other elements. We have summed up all the pointers into a few compact ones. We hope these help you get an idea what LASIK is all about. Have a look!

Put Work In Research

Getting a LASIK eye surgery done is no child’s play. You need to be proactive about it and get your homework done before you even visit the doctor for a consultation. LASIK is not merely going to the nearest eye clinic and starting the operation procedures started. Paying the bills is the easy part. The important part is that you know about every aspect of the procedure and the surgery before you opt for it. This includes knowing about the various aspects of LASIK, types of laser procedures and the possible scenarios associated with the operation. Research work is important.

Extreme Light Sensitivity and Eye heaviness

Undergoing a LASIK eye surgery will lead to sensitivity to bright lights and some mild heaviness for some time. This is usually do to the effects of medications and numbing drops used during surgery. This means you may have to shy away from the light for a while. You would have to stay indoors, avoid extremely flashy lights, wear protective gear such as sunglasses, eye shields, or eye covers. Such is usually for the day the procedure is performed. Eyes after the LASIK surgery are still recovering and need to be healed completely in order to be able to deal with bright lights. Thus it is suggested that until the eyes are done with the recovery, they stay away from bright lights. This is not so bad after all. Just after two days of rest, you can enjoy life as you did prior to the surgery. This is the reason that you should avoid driving immediately after the procedure and it is best if a friend or a relative can take you back home safely.

You Will Be Wide Awake

For some this pointer will act as a deal breaker but it is what it is. The surgery is deemed as an outpatient appointment or procedure, that is, the patient will be awake during the entire arrangement. There is, however, no need to worry, as there will not any foreign particle in contact with the eye nor there any pain associated with the procedure. All the work is taken care of by lasers. Truth be told, it is not that much big of a deal. The procedure is simple, pain-free, and you won’t even feel anything. There are no injections, bandage, admission or stiches associated with laser procedures. It is something like flashing lights on your eyes. End of the surgery, you will be given pain relievers to prevent any sort of discomfort, antibiotic drops and artificial tears.

Adhere To Pre-Surgery Instructions

Prior to the surgery, the doctors will give you a set of pre-surgery instructions that you would need to follow. You need to keep in mind that these instructions are being given to you for a reason and need to be adhered to without fail. Eyes are highly sensitive organs and need to be taken care of really well. This is exactly why these said set of guidelines are given to patients. These guidelines include not wearing makeup prior the procedure, not wearing any perfume or cologne, getting a head wash, putting regular pre op medications etc., in order to prevent irritation or infection.

Use Painkillers

Patients would not feel the need of painkiller at most times. Especially after the procedure. One might feel little grittiness and heaviness as the effect of numbing eye drop wane off. When it does, you need to have the prescribed medicines to help boost the healing process and any uncomfortness.

Red Eyes, Don’t Care!

After the LASIK eye surgery takes place and your recovery period is done with, you might discover a few red spots on the white areas of your eyes. Such is usually very rare. Patients tend to freak out and that is completely understood. However, this is not true when it comes to the LASIK surgery. They will eventually disappear and your eyes will be back to normal.

A Few Additional Costs

Once the surgery is done, you will be prescribed a few extra things along with the usual medicines. These will most probably be eye drops or artificial tears to keep the eyes from any kind of irritation. It will completely be your call to get these prescribed eye drops but considering the overall scenario, you should buy them anyway. The ultimate motive is to get your eyes back on track as quickly as possible.

Additional Gear

Once you start getting back in the real world, be it work or studies, you would need to wear protective eye gear in order to prevent foreign bodies from entering your eyes. It is recommended that you wear these for at least 4 days after surgery. These refer to shades, sunglasses, eyes caps, and whatever equipment that will help the eyes stay safe and protected. Do not think of them as additional weight; instead, think of them as necessary equipment for quicker healing.

Hope you liked what you read!

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