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What is Contact Lens Intolerance?

A good number of people seem to experience refractive errors and might not feel comfortable wearing glasses. If you are one among them, then you don’t have to worry! You can opt for contact lenses that are easily available for diverse reasons. Contacts unlike glasses do not change the person’s appearance. It is one major reason why celebrities and even common people these days prefer to wear contact lenses.

Meaning of Contact Lens Intolerance

Contact classes are undoubtedly a convenient option to wear when going outside. It does offer numerous benefits. However, at times, they may seem irritating or uncomfortable to wear. This is faced even by long-time wearers. Doctors term it CLI or Contact Lens Intolerance. It does affect about 15% of all wearers. You can discuss with the medical expert and opt for smile laser eye surgery in Delhi.

It is rather a general term that is used for describing discomfort, irritation, or pain that is often experienced by some when wearing contact lenses. It is likely to be an instant reaction to wearing contacts. Those wearing contacts comfortably for months or several years might even suffer from this issue. The reasons cited for the same are dry eye, improper care or contact wearing regimen, reaction to lens storing or cleaning solution, lens materials, allergies, poor contact fit, etc.

CLI for the majority is considered to be a temporary issue. But still, discomfort is not desired when seeking clearer vision. In case, you have been struggling with frequent or uncomfortable CLI, then discuss the same with your eye doctor immediately. You should undertake some valuable steps to do away with the discomfort faced. Do follow what is prescribed by your doctor to ensure eye safety and enjoy better results.

How to Fight Contact Lens Intolerance?

1. Lubricate your eyes

The main source of CLI at times could be dryness. You may choose to use over-the-counter lubricant eye drops or artificial tears. But then make sure the product is meant to be used with the contact lens you have chosen to wear. It should offer you some temporary relief from different CLI symptoms. It will be really worth it and ensure your eyes feel comfortable and normal without the pain involved.

2. Evaluate Care and Wear Contact Lenses Properly

CLI for many people is stated to be attributed to those products used for storing and cleaning their lenses. Such products might have preservatives in them that might result in hypersensitivity. In case you have been suffering from CLI off late and had recently changed to another solution for cleaning purposes, then it could be the main culprit. Replace the solution with another one and find out if it is comfortable to use. If yes, stick to it!

3. Don't Wear Contact Lenses for a Long duration

Another reason for many to experience contact lens intolerance is wearing contacts for a very long time. If you are to wear contacts for a long time, then do consult your doctor and follow professional instructions sincerely. This is more so concerning wearing and caring for your contacts. This way, you will enjoy wearing it without facing any CLI issues.

4. Switch to glasses

In case you suffer from long-term or frequent CLI, then it will be worthwhile to stop using it and rather switch to glasses. This will provide your eyes much needed rest from contacts while alleviating uncomfortable symptoms. Glasses are in fact nowadays a fashion statement for most people.

5. Vision Correction Surgery

Doing away with corrective lenses will help ease contact lens intolerance. You need to contact a well-established laser eye centre in Delhi where you will be offered a variety of surgical options for vision correction. It includes PRK, LASIK, Smile eye surgery, Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery, etc. Ensure that the offered vision correction options provide patient satisfaction.

6. Nutrition and diet

Dry eye is considered to be a common source of CLI to occur. Perhaps, without your knowledge, your current nutritional and diet habits could be impacting your tear quality or production. Discussing with your medical professional will allow you to know the different ways and means to supplement your diet. It should be something that will boost quality tears while making your eyes comfortable.


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