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Men’s Vision Health

The difference between the vision of men and women can be traced back to the caveman days. While women were gifted with peripheral visions that helped them in gathering food for the entire family, men had strong straight-on vision that helped them in hunting.

Generally, men face lower risks for developing diseases related to eyes when compared to women. However, they also have to experience greater disadvantages in comparison to the fairer sex.

Men are at a greater risk of acquiring color-blindness as it is a factor regulated by the Chromosome X. Since, there are two copies of the chromosome in females; both have to be bad in order for them to develop color-blindness. While it is very obvious to say that body undergoes numerous changes during puberty, it is surprising to know that our eyes also undergo a few alterations. Men are more physically active and sporty hence, they are more likely to suffer an accidental eye injury. Teenage males develop temporary nearsightedness because their eyes grow longer during puberty. However, in a few cases, the nearsightedness can continue to affect an individual permanently. Habits from our daily lives can also affect our vision adversely. Not sleeping enough, staying glued to the screens of computer at work or televisions at home can strain our eyes.

Given such instances, it becomes necessary for men to stay pro-active in regards to eye-health. Shared below are the various methods that they may adopt in order to keep eye-health in check:

An overall healthy diet can do wonders to vision. Listed below are the super foods that can help keep disorders related to vision at bay:

Green Vegetables:

A sure entry on the list, we all have been taught about various benefits of including green vegetables into our diet since our childhood days. A great source of Vitamin E and C, green and leafy vegetables lower the risk of developing Cataract. They also decrease the risk of developing chronic eye diseases.


Nuts are a great source of Omega-3s. Apart from protecting your eyes from drying up frequently, they also help in reducing disorders related to eyes that may be triggered by ageing.

Lean Meat and Fish:

While Pork and Chicken are known to be great sources of Vitamin A, fish such as Cod and Salmon contain Omega-3 fatty acids. All of them are known to increase retinal power.

Eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, stye, dry-eyes, and eye-ulcer occur commonly. Also, it goes without a saying that prevention is always better than cure. Hence, shared below are some precautions that are sure to come in handy this summer and monsoon:

  1. Remember to sanitize your hands after and before eating, shaking hands or rubbing your eyes.

  2. Wash your hands after touching commonly accessed door handles, taps, etc.

  3. Avoid sharing toiletries.

  4. Use swimming eye-gear while using public pools.

  5. Use eye-drops prescribed by your ophthalmologist to lubricate your eyes.

  6. Wear glasses that provide 100 percent UV ray protection whenever you step out.

  7. Make sure you allow your eyes to rejuvenate by sleeping well.

  8. Whenever you feel the slightest bit of discomfort, splash your eyes with cold water. If the problem continues to persist consult an eye-expert.

  9. Give your eyes a break from looking constantly at computer screens.

  10. Be sure to have your eyes checked up regularly by an ophthalmologist.

At times, it may get tedious to follow a proper nutritional diet plan given the sort of hectic life-schedules men have. Nutritional Supplements are a great way to keep eye diseases at bay for such people.

Nutritional supplements basically are products that include vitamins and other essential nutrients that are proven beneficial in maintaining a good vision or eye-sight. However, this is to be kept in mind that these supplements are not meant to replace the nourishment you can get from an actual diet.

There are a wide array of vitamins and nutrients that help in combating disorders related to eyes. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be readily aware of them:


Also dubbed as the “eye vitamin”, lutein is known to be beneficial not only for eyes but also for skin. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this essential carotenoid phytonutrient could be found in yolks, citrus fruits and green vegetables.


After Lutein, Zeaxanthin is one of the carotenoidsthat are found in nature and delivered in the largest quantities to our eyes. It helps in protecting the tissue of our eyes along with its lens and macula. It is also known to provide individuals with clear sight and get them rid of issues like light-sensitivity and cataract.

Vitamin C:

Known to be rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C helps in fighting free radicals and in the absorption of essential minerals and nutrients. This crucial vitamin helps in preventing cellular mutations and also repairs damaged tissues.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin works in sync with Vitamin A and C to keep tissues strong and considerably less responsive to the effects of inflammation. These vitamins being fat-soluble and rich in anti-oxidants reduce the risk of Macular degeneration that might be triggered due to ageing.

Vitamin A/ Beta Carotene:

Vitamin A plays an essential role in combating Xerophthalmia along with night blindness. Degenerative conditions that lead to vision loss can potentially be cured with the help of these vitamins. These also help in majorly controlling diabetic neuropathy that can lead to severe damage to the eyes.


Zinc along with a few other essential nutrients help in protecting retinas and reduce the risk of acquiring Macular Degeneration. It acts as a nutrient absorber and at the same time helps in the elimination of waste components from our body.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Apart from being beneficial for eyes, Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous other healthbenefits. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, Omega 3-fatty acids can potentially reduce the effects of ageing on our eyes.

Including all the above tips with routine check-ups and visits to an ophthalmologist can help men combat vision-related issues. Despite facing greater disadvantages related to vision and eye-sight compared to women, these tips are sure to prove beneficial.


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