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Is LASIK Permanent After The Procedure?

Vision is subject to distortion and fluctuations due to various factors like age, history of refractive issues, any other health conditions, etc. Initially, corrective spectacles play a vital role in helping an individual to experience a clear vision. However, when these prescribed spectacle number increases, the prolonged use of eyewear tend to bring lots of issues along with it. From strained vision, consistent headache, dry eyes, and pain in eyes to overall discomfort, the patient may feel restlessness, and seeking permanent treatment is the only solution he/she has to consider. Lasik or Laser-assisted eye surgery is one such treatment that works on the irregularities of vision. Finding LASIK surgery specialists is a very cautious consideration to achieve vision correction goals without any mismatch.

What are Lasik and its relevance in vision correction?

Lasik is a refractive eye surgery that uses a laser to address vision irregularities by creating a thin flap on the surface of the cornea. This step is aimed at reshaping the cornea with the help of a femtosecond or microkeratome laser to treat the issues causing vision distortion. In addition, the cool ultraviolet laser removes corneal tissue for reshaping it followed by its replacement. It is worth noticing that natural healing takes place in this treatment as the eye surgeon does not involve stitches during Lasik.

Over the past few years, Lasik eye surgery has become popular due to its permanent vision correction approach. The best part about this surgery is its high success rate in helping patients restore their vision permanently. In terms of relevance, Lasik treats multiple refractive issues and the following benefits of the treatment can be highlighted:

1. Recovery time after Lasik surgery is short

Most of the patients can continue with their regular activities within a few after undergoing Lasik eye surgery. The recovery time of this procedure of vision correction is comparatively less than regular eye surgery options.

2. Instant vision improvement after the procedure

Laser-assisted eye surgery or Lasik is highly effective in identifying, addressing, and treating multiple refractive issues and it delivers instant results in most cases.

3. Treats multiple vision problems

Refractive issues like astigmatism, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and other irregularities of vision are treated by Lasik surgery specialists. Since the cornea is properly reshaped in the Lasik procedure, the vision can be restored permanently eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Additionally, it should be known that the dome-shaped cornea is changed to the original shape to improve vision in Lasik surgery. Therefore, the specific needs of vision improvement are identified by the Lasik specialists get determined by the eye specialists in advance to treat multiple vision problems.

4. Safe and effective treatment for permanent vision correction

Over 98% of patients have experienced positive results of improved vision after undergoing Lasik surgery. Hence, Lasik is a safe vision improvement option worth consideration. However, it is always ideal to consult the top Lasik surgery specialist with extensive experience to understand your eligibility for this laser-assisted eye surgery. As a matter of fact, there are some conditions that may stop you from undergoing Lasik surgery and your doctor might recommend other options like contoura vision, SMILE, etc. if this vision correction treatment does not work for you!

5. Uses advanced technology and powerful laser for the procedure

Apart from using the advanced laser to improve vision by addressing refractive issues, Lasik uses the latest technology to deliver definite permanent vision restoration issues. Most of all, with the rapid advancements in eye surgery, Lasik is turning out to be one of the best treatment options for permanent vision restoration results. It is the use of advanced technology and the best quality laser that helps Lasik surgery specialists in achieving a higher level of accuracy in treating refractive issues. Currently, the Wave Light laser inclusion in the Lasik procedure is the latest development to attain improved as well as natural corneal reshaping after the surgery.

Do Lasik surgery specialists guarantee permanent results?

Most of you might be wondering whether the Lasik results are permanent after the procedure or not. The answer to this apprehension is in the affirmative, vision improvement results of this laser-assisted eye surgery are permanent. The physical alterations of the cornea that Lasik surgery specialists proceed with the treatment last a lifetime. Furthermore, the advanced technology used by the eye surgeons and their expertise is blended together to deliver well-tailored vision correction results in the Lasik procedure. However, if you are experiencing drastic eye changes due to any medical condition or did not experience successful vision restoration results on the first attempts, follow-up enhancements will be recommended by your doctor. Well, it should be mentioned that only 1 or 2 percent of patients need follow-up enhancements after the Lasik procedure.

If you are looking for various resources that support evidence regarding the success of Lasik surgery, then, visit Contoura Vision for detailed research to choose the best Lasik surgeon.


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