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Is Contoura Vision Eye a good procedure to avail?

LASIK patients across the globe are recommended by their ophthalmologists to undergo Contoura Vision eye surgical procedure. It is considered to be LASIK surgery, but of an advanced version. Patients eager to avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses can benefit from this procedure. It does not cost a fortune and hence accessible to the average person.

Who is eligible for this procedure?

This corrective procedure is a wonderful choice for those who are found ineligible to avail LASIK surgery. This is due to the abnormalities present in the cornea region. This advanced method offers amazing results. You need to discuss with your eye doctor to know your available options. Overall, this procedure is safe and corrects your eyesight.

About Contoura Vision

It is also referred to as topography guided LASIK surgery and among the recent advancement introduced to offer laser vision correction by eliminating eyewear. SMILE and LASIK procedures are performed to only correct eyeglass power. But Contoura is known to works upon Visual Axis and corrects irregularities present in the corneal region. Cost of lasik surgery in delhi varies between hospitals and offers much sharper visual results.

Is this surgery better than LASIK?

Contoura and LASIK procedures are performed to improve astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. But there does exist some fundamental disparities between them.

Contoura heals anomalies that are formed in the optics and curvature of the cornea. Treatment offered is based upon the eye’s visual axis. LASIK procedures are generally focused upon the eyeball.

Although there is no need for using contact lenses or eyeglasses after LASIK procedure, Contoura offers improved refractive and visual acuity results. This computer aided topographic mapping procedure pinpoints microscopic contours present on the cornea.

It improves abnormalities developing in the cornea. Vision quality gets repaired allowing light to penetrate in the eye evenly and readily, thus offering sharp and clear vision. Patients will be able to view more clearly without wearing their gasses. Fewer problems are also reported concerning glare around lights or driving at night.

Specially designed laser programs advanced computer analysis to produce cornea contours. It maps 22,000 points of cornea. Once done, individualized treatment plan is offered. Customized treatment plan is offered since not everyone has same eyes. This is crucial to derive the very best results and clear vision.

It does offer impressive results. Approximately, 65% of patients having undergone this procedure have reported improvements much better than 6/6. There is experienced less tissue damage and quicker healing results. Many people who have availed LASIK surgery but not satisfied with derived results are enjoying clear vision after undergoing Contoura treatment.

Safe procedure

Eye specialists across the globe claim that this LASIK topography guided surgical procedure is undoubtedly the safest one. It is indeed the latest vision correction and eyewear removal technique that can offer top quality results without side effects. It is for this reason patients who understand the value of this procedure prefer to undergo it to correct their vision impairment. It is for all these reasons that Contoura is considered to be a better option than LASIK procedure.


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