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Cost of Lasik Laser eye Surgery

Dump Your Glasses With Latest Yet Affordable and Cost Effective Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Are you tired of your glasses and contact lenses? Do you hate the way you look on your face? Or are you put off by the daily struggle of having to look for them? You are not the only one! Here is a list of the reasons why most people hate wearing glasses, and you will agree with at least one or more of them.

  • Glasses get damaged, break, fall off and get lost. Looking for a pair of glasses, when you cannot see well without them is the most annoying part of being dependent on them.

  • Especially annoying during sports due to restricted field of vision, sliding off the nose due to sweating, difficult to wear under helmets.

  • Impossible to wear during swimming, need for special prescription swimming goggles, if you want to see underwater when swimming.

  • The glasses tend to become lopsided and often do not stay in position if you are turning on to your side to talk or watch television in bed.

  • In case of rain, or snow, or fog, your vision is completely obscured as the lenses get wet. Glasses tend to fog up if your nose is covered, as your eye surgeon. He or she will also agree it’s a menace in the operation theatre, when they have to wear masks.

  • Contact lenses often cause itchy, scratchy red eyes. Most patients need lubricating eye drops because of consequent dry eye.

  • Infection is always a risk with contact lens use.

  • You need to carry the lens case-solution-spare glasses paraphernalia when you travel, even if it’s just an overnight sleepover.

Given the current available technology, almost everyone is turning to LASIK laser eye surgery to dump their glasses and seek perfect vision without them.

The advantages of Lasik laser vision correction are well known:

  • LASIK laser means perfect 6/6 vision permanently.

  • No dependence on annoying glasses or contact lenses means you are free to pursue your interests in sports without any handicaps.

  • Painless, safe and effective procedure, with very little downtime.

  • Almost everyone who has had LASIK talks of two things: One, the surgery gives them a serious boost in their confidence. Two, their quality of life becomes significantly better.

Lasik Laser Eye SurgeryCost:

Most people are convinced about the safety and efficacy of the procedure, the only thing that is holding them back is the cost of the Lask Laser Eye procedure. It is because laser surgery is perceived as “expensive “by most people. The reasons for this perception are simple: the lasers, when introduced in India, were significantly more expensive, but the costs of Lasik laser eye surgery have actually come down over the years, yet the perceptions linger. Also, the cost of Lasik laser eye surgery is a one-time investment.

If you were to objectively analyze the one time only costs of Lasik laser vision correction with LASIK or its variants, and compare it with the recurring costs of glasses or contact lenses you will be surprised.

This data analysis is from the United States, where the cost of LASIK laser eye surgery is at least twice that in India, and yet, they have found to be the more cost effective solution!!

Here’s the objective analysis.

Contact lens cost versus LASIK Laser eye surgery

The average cost of contact lenses is around $240 per year, higher for those who wear disposable lenses, or special lenses for astigmatism. Over twenty years, not adjusting for inflation, this would amount to around $5000. The surgery costs around $3500-4000, which means before the end of twenty years, not only has LASIK laser eye surgery paid for itself, you actually SAVE money by not having to buy glasses or contact lenses thereafter!

Cost of glasses versus Cost of LASIK laser eye surgery

If you replace your glasses every two years, have only one pair of glasses through this time, and no special powered sunglasses, then you would be spending around $2000. Any more than this, your LASIK Laser eye surgery is the cheaper option!

And if you use contact lenses, and a spare pair of glasses as well, then LASIK pays off for itself even faster!

Indian context:

Yes, the absolute values of contact lenses, glasses and LASIK are all different. But the pricing is proportional. So your savings may not be in dollars, but the LASIK will pay for itself in the Indian context also within twenty years.

Plus, with so many LASIK centers in the city, pricing is the most competitive it could have been. Which means that the same cost gets you the added advantage of the bigger centers with their experienced surgeons and latest technology.

Lots of hospitals actually let you make a down payment for the actual surgery, and you can pay the remaining amount in fixed installments for a fixed time period called EMIs. This can actually make LASIK surgery even more affordable.

A word of caution

A few eye centers announce discounts during certain occasions, whether it is to celebrate anniversaries, or promote a new machine or center. It is a good idea to avail of these discounts, keeping in mind one thing. Any LASIK procedure that costs less than around Rs.10,000 should be approached with caution (in the USA, this figure is $1000 per eye), because it usually implies that the provider is probably lacking the best and latest technology or the necessary patient base.

Cost of LASIK laser eye surgery:

Not only is laser vision correction safe and effective, it is actually cost effective too, in the long run! So now is when you make the decision to dump your glasses, and find an effective solution for them, at a price point that is extremely pocket friendly. In fact, today, even the high end LASIK variants are actually cheaper than a high end phones! And the best part is that LASIK lasts you a lifetime, and never needs an upgrade!!


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