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Bladefree Robotic Femto Laser Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Get The Facts About Bladefree Robotic Femto Laser Cataract Surgery in Delhi

The disability due to cataract can range from a mild visual blur or glare, or profound impairment of vision. This vision loss is completely reversible, and your doctor will guide you through the treatment options. You will either be advised glasses, or advised surgery, depending on your eye health and vision needs. The modern cataract surgery requires your surgeon to make a tiny (approximately 2.2mm) incision in your eye to remove the clouded natural lens of the eye. An artificial, customized lens is then implanted inside the eye to restore your vision. In traditional cataract surgery, called phacoemulsification, all of these steps are carried out manually, with only the removal of the lens carried out using the phaco machine, which uses ultrasonic energy to liquefy the cataractous lens.

The latest cataract surgery technique replaces the manual procedures by a very accurate and precise Femtosecond Laser which makes the surgery completely Bladefree and All Laser Cataract surgery.

Fact 1: Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery is highly precise and accurate

Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery offers excellent visual outcome with recovery within a few hours of surgery because of its increased precision and accuracy. The Femtosecond Laser is used to perform the most complicated steps of cataract surgery by a procedure that is completely automated and guided by a very sophisticated computer. These steps include:

1. Capsulotomy: This is the procedure by which a small circular opening is made on the anterior capsule or covering of the cataractous lens.

2. Lens Fragmentation: In this process, the cataract is broken into smaller pieces which can be removed from the eye by suction with ease.

3. Incisions: All the incisions are made using the laser, which makes them highly accurate, precise and blade free.

4. Correction of Astigmatism or cylindrical power: The precision of Femtosecond Laser to make incisions helps the eye surgeon to manage astigmatic error during the surgical process, by deciding the position and size of the incisions.

Fact 2: Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery is better than Conventional Cataract Surgery.

Benefits of Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery are well known. Some important considerations are:

  • Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery is more accurate, safe and predictable

  • Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery is a completely automated surgical process, guided by a sophisticated computer which is controlled by the surgeon, that is, a robotic surgery.

  • Completely Blade-free, so a boon for patients who are scared of knives

  • Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery provides additional astigmatism correction

  • Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery is compatible with a wide array of lenses, best suited for premium lenses

Other Benefits of the Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgerybladeless Femto cataract surgery include:

  • Less chance of Infections as incision size is small and more precise

  • Better wound healing due to precision of incision

  • Better intraocular lens centration and stability

  • Decreased side effects like haloes and ghost images

  • No Blood Loss as it is totally Blade-Free

  • No use of pads or dark glasses, no stitches or injections

  • Early rehabilitation with patient recovering and getting back to normal routine very quickly.

Fact 3: Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery is not very expensive and available in Delhi

The incremental cost of Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery can very well be justified by its better visual results. Most people who get Bladefree Femto Laser Robotic Cataract Surgery are happy with its results and usually recommend it for their friends and family. Currently, most hospitals offer the surgery at an approximate cost of 75-100,000 INR, which is a fraction of its cost outside India.


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