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Best Cataract Surgery Treatment, Operation Hospital in Delhi

Best Cataract Surgery, Treatment, Operation Hospital in Delhi

Cataract is a natural part of the ageing process, due to a clouding of the natural lens of the eye, your vision decreases. In the initial stages your doctor will usually advise glasses, in case your vision is not optimal with spectacles, your doctor will discuss cataract surgery with you.

Best Cataract Surgery and Treatment in Delhi:

With current technology, cataract surgery and treatment is safe, effective and practically, painless. Most eye centers and hospitals offer you the same cataract surgical technique, and a choice from an array of intraocular lenses or IOLs, depending on your visual needs.

The choice of the best cataract surgery treatment depends on the following factors:

  1. Phacoemulsification: The most commonly performed cataract surgery is considered the minimum standard of care with available technology.

  2. Microincision Cataract Surgery or MICS: MICS is the advanced version of phacoemulsification in which a smaller incision is used, which means would healing is faster and more stable. Most high end centers offer MICS over conventional phacoemulsification to their patients for this reason.

  3. Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery or Bladefree Robotic laser cataract surgery: Femtosecond Laser Cataract surgery or robotic Cataract Surgery is 100% bladefree, pain free and offers excellent visual results. It has the added advantage of offering correction of astigmatism in the same sitting, and is safer and more predictable than phacoemulsification and MICS due to automatic, computer-guided handling of complicated steps. It is available in high end eye hospitals including AIIMS, Eye 7, CFS, Bharti, Medanta etcetera.

  4. Zepto Cataract: The Zepto laser cataract surgery device provides a perfectly circular, stable capsulotomy each time, with robotic precision. Zepto cataract surgery can be performed even in patients with corneal opacities and small pupils, patients in which Femtosecond cataract surgery is contraindicated. At present it is available only in eye 7 hospitals.

Best Cataract Surgery Operation Hospital in Delhi

As the “Best Cataract Surgery Operation Hospital in Delhi” is a very subjective analysis, we refrain from coming up with direct option and leave it to your discretion. There are several parameters based on which you can choose the best amongst equals, given that there are several parameters in choosing the best option for you.

The best eye hospitals that offer the best cataract surgery operations in Delhi include AIIMS, Eye 7, CFS, Bharti, Shroff’s, etcetera, and are discussed in greater detail in another article here.

That said, in terms offering ALL the varieties of cataract surgery, especially Zepto Catarct surgeries performed, and experience with particularly Zepto Cataract Surgeries, Dr Sanjay Chaudhary of Eye 7 hospitals emerges as the clear leader.


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