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Top 10 Foods Which Can Enhance Your Vision

Staying glued to computers screen or reading book for long hours, not getting enough sleep or binge watching T.V., one thing in common is strained eyes. Without getting even a slightest hint of the situation, we are actually damaging our eyes. If we look around us, kids of tender ages have got big spectacles hanging over their noses. This leads to ocular malnutrition which is the most common in young age. Macular degeneration, cataract, myopia, hypermetropia, and presbyopia are some of the eye disorders which are common across the world. Reasons vary from stressful living standards and getting improper rest to unhealthy eating habits.

Top Foods for Your Eyesight

It would not be wrong to say that people with healthy eyesight have been taking their eye health for granted. There is an array of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins which are mandatory for the proper functioning of eye. Some of the eye disorders like cataract, dry eyes, poor night vision and glaucoma occur due to the lack of these nutrients from diet. The risk of number of acute as well as chronic eye disorders can be averted just with a proper diet. To maintain a proper eye health, it is important to have an equal proportion of everything in the diet we intake. Listed below are some foods which will be act as superfood for your vision. Go through them and learn how you can make the most out of them:


These have made their place in the list of superfoods. What better can it be than starting your day than with eggs? A great source of nutrients like lutein, Omega 3s and vitamin E among others, an egg in itself is protein-packed. The yolk part of the egg is beneficiary for your eyes as it prevents the risk of any kind of eye disorders. They are beneficial to cornea.


Fishes, specifically Salmon, cod and tuna, contain the super healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. These are proven to be good for your eyesight as it enhances the retinal power. Also, these are beneficial to prevent the dry eyes syndrome and glaucoma contributing towards a proper visual enhancement. If you do not eat any seafood then you can get Omega-3 from supplements which contain flaxseed oil or black currant seed oil.


When we talk about the category of foods which are beneficial for eye health then it is obvious to mention carrots in top 10. These are a great source of beta-carotene as well as the vitamin A. You can avert the risk of eye infections and common corneal disorders by regular intake of carrots. Salads and soups, toss carrots in for a healthy breakfast.


Cashews, peanuts and almonds, all these have one thing in common. They are a source of Omega-3s. Regular intake of nuts can help you reduce the problem of dry eyes as well as age related eye disorders. In addition, it is helpful in preventing macular degeneration; they also prevent cataracts from forming.


The green-leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamin E as well as vitamin C. Kale and Spinach, are enriched with Zeaxanthin and lutein. These are effective in lowering down the risk of chronic eye disorders. One of the biggest benefits of having beets is that these are enriched with anti-oxidants which can help fight cancer. Adding up green leafy vegetables in your diet can contribute towards all round development of eyes.


Fruits rich in citric juice and the Vitamin C such as grapefruits, oranges and lemons are super food for eyesight. For the development of a proper vision, it is important that you intake a proper amount of citric fruits in your diet. Oranges are effective in improving the tissues of eyes. Preventing macular degeneration is an added benefit. Regular intake of citric fruits and juices enhances the health of eyes and vision also.


This is another vegetable which is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, E and A. These antioxidants are proven as revolutionary in protecting the cells of eyes from the free radicals. Free radicals are basically a specific kind of unstable molecule which tends to destroy healthy eye tissues. The superb combination of Zeaxanthin and lutein are also present in broccolis.


To prevent the risk of macular degeneration a diet which contains food items having low glycemic index should be taken. Brown rice, whole oats and whole wheat breads are the best sources of whole grains. To promote eye health, vitamin E, niacin and zinc in whole grains are highly beneficial.


Legumes are beneficial for the entire body. Black-eyed peas, kidney beans, and lentils are a great source of zinc as well as bioflavonoid which are beneficial in protecting the retina. Also, these help in lowering down the risk of gradual macular degeneration. These can also prevent the risk of cataracts.


Chicken, beef, and pork are some examples of lean meat. All of these contain zinc, a mineral which brings vitamin A from liver to retina where the formation of melanin pigment takes place. It helps in maintaining retina’s proper health.

These are some of the rich sources of vitamins and minerals which can be extremely beneficial for the eye sight. For the overall development of cells and tissues of eyes, it is quite important to maintain a healthy diet plan. Make sure to give your body a proper diet so that all the organs of your body function in appropriate manner. Maintaining a balanced diet is the key to keep your eyes free from disorders and keep them healthy.


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