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Say Goodbye to Your Glasses & Contact Lenses through Laser Vision Correction by LASIK Laser Eye

Say Goodbye to Your Glasses & Contact Lenses through Laser Vision Correction by LASIK Laser Eye Surgery, SMILE Laser Eye Surgery, Contoura Vision Laser Eye Surgery

Using glasses or contact lenses can be a real pain. They tend to get damaged, break, fall off and get lost. Glasses are especially annoying during outdoor activities, because they restrict the field of vision, and often slide off the nose due to sweating. Swimming and diving need special prescription swimming goggles, if you want to see underwater when swimming. Contact lenses on the other hand, can cause itchy, sore, red eyes, and can aggravate signs and symptoms of dryness. In addition, they carry and increased risk of infection, and are not altogether inexpensive.

Given the current available technology for laser vision correction which has proven itself to be both safe and effective, more and more people are saying goodbye to their glasses.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your spectacles and/or contact lenses, LASIK, and all of its newer variants, including SMILE and Contoura Vision are the way to go. Whether or not you are eligible for LASIK can only be determined by your eye doctor following a comprehensive eye examination, as will be the choice of the best surgery for your eyes.

The latest technique of laser vision correction that are available include:

LASIK: LASIK, along with its later innovations, SBK and Femtosecond LASIK, is the most commonly performed technique of laser vision correction. Femtosecond laser surgery which involves the use of femtosecond laser instead of a mechanized microkeratome to lift the corneal flap. The mechanized microkeratome is used in both SBK and conventional LASIK, with the corneal flap raised being thinner in the former.

SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction: It is a newer variation of laser vision correction. In this a small part of the corneal tissue is removed through a small incision which is made using the femtosecond laser, to alter the shape of the cornea. The surgery has not gained the popularity accorded to LASIK because it lacks the “wow” factor, there is a time lag in restoring vision, with optimal visual results taking at least a week to show.

Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK: Contoura Vision LASIK is latest and the most advanced surgery for laser vision correction. In this, a very sophisticated computer generates a three dimensional image of the cornea, which measures up to 22000 data points on its surface. This modulates and controls the reshaping of the cornea with the laser, making the surgery customized and, individualized to the needs of the particular eye under treatment. In fact, a head to head comparison of SMILE and Contoura Vison published recently in the very prestigious Journal of Refractive Surgery by Kanellopoulos et al., proves without doubt that Contoura VIsion technology is far superior to SMILE, with much superior visual results which are immediate, and associated with much less side effects.

Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary at Eye7 hospital was the first surgeon to perform Contoura Vision LASIK surgery in Delhi, and has the most experience with the technology. Recently, the technology has been acquired by Dr R P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS and the Medanta hospital, Gurugram.

So in case you have decided to say goodbye to your glasses and contact lenses, the best eye hospital for laser vision correction, in Delhi-NCR, which offer all three of these technologies, and their variants are:

  1. Dr R P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS (government hospital)RPC is the apex referral institute of the country.

  2. Eye 7 hospitals (private stand-alone eye hospital)Eye 7 should be your first choice with its emphasis on patient care and delight, because it also provides state of the art technology at an affordable price, at your doorstep


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